28 December 2021

Refresh your home with these 15 items!

Tried & Tru cardigan | Leggings | Cami | Candle | Basket | Slim Aarons coffee table book

Refresh your home with these 15 items!

It happens every single year … the Christmas season ends, and I can’t wait to take the tree down — much to my family’s dismay!! After months of holiday prep and planning, I’m now ready to start tidying up and giving my home a little refresh for the new year. There’s something about re-merchandising that just keeps everything looking fresh and up to date 😊 Also, it doesn’t hurt if you find a few new things, like coffee table books, candles and even a kitchen gadget or two to mix in with your own collection. Today’s post is about how to refresh your home with these 15 items — and I found them all at Walmart!

Over the Christmas break, I took my parents to Walmart in my cute little hometown of McMinnville. They always buy a few things, but sometimes I end up getting more than they do! I own (or want to own) all the items below, and found that they gave my rooms the perfect little update. Last month, when I told my daughter Emily I was working on a Walmart-sponsored blog post, she immediately said “mom, they’re on fire right now!” So, we scoured the website and made some selections that you’ll hopefully find useful. Whether you’re refreshing your home or getting ready for warmer days ahead, Walmart has it all. Read on to see my favorite home finds — you won’t be disappointed!

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Walmart home finds!
Basket set
Most of us love baskets, and these cute ones are perfect for any room. Use them for towels or to showcase a plant. Wherever they land, baskets add a little warmth to every space.
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Garden stool
Garden stools are useful in so many places! When the weather is warm, bring them outside. During the rest of the year, try one in your bathroom with towels, or as a small side table in your living space.
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Italy book
This beautiful coffee table book will have you dreaming of the Italian Amalfi Coast. Grey Malin is a renowned photographer who captures photos from the air -- and his books are ones to collect!
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Dash egg cooker
My family uses this little appliance almost every day. It makes up to 6 eggs and cooks them perfectly every time. I highly recommend everyone have an egg cooker!
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10 piece juice set
This juice set looks like you might be in the French countryside having wine and cheese (and water) in the summertime. One can never have too many glasses, and now is the time to freshen your collection.
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Block print tablecloth
If you have simple dishes, then a pretty tablecloth (either solid or patterned) always works. And, it adds a little interest to every table setting. This one caught my eye!
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Champagne flatware
I purchased this flatware as an extra set. The champagne color is so pretty and different, and I used it upstairs in my bedroom in the latest Reels video.
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Jute pouf
Jute has a special way of warming spaces, and having a little extra seating in any room is practical and adds a nice decorative touch.
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Bamboo coffee table
A little design trick: when you find a piece of furniture and you love the shape and overall design, paint it. It completely transforms an inexpensive piece into something that looks like it was made specifically for your home. And, this one is spot on!
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The Laundress
Ever since listening to a podcast with the founder of The Laundress, I've used their cleaning products in my own home. For some reason, they make laundry a little more enjoyable! This Rose 31 scent was formulated with my favorite perfume by Le Labo -- SO GOOD!
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Solo Stove
Last summer, I had a memorable evening at a friend's house. We were sitting on her driveway, and stayed super toasty thanks to her Solo Stove. I've wanted one ever since!
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Arched mirror
My daughter Emily is selecting her new apartment furniture, and she informed me that this is the mirror she'd like as a housewarming present.
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Half-baked Harvest cookbook
I am late to the party on these cookbooks, but this past month I've made at least ten recipes from either Tik Tok or this cookbook by Tiegan. The photos are pretty, and the recipes really easy.
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Seagrass rug
Seagrass is another top ten house favorite. Yes, sometimes the boys in my family complain a because it's not soft and fuzzy. But let me tell you, these are SO durable -- and they look great! I have this one in my basement Instagram office.
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Espresso machine
I dream about my coffee the night before I go to bed! It sounds a little ridiculous, but it's true. I can't imagine morning without my espresso maker -- it's hands down the most popular appliance in my house!
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