27 November 2021

These 15 items will give your home a refresh!

Champion sweatshirt | Leggings | Baskets | Marble tray | Glass canisters | Towels

These 15 items will give your home a refresh!

Well, I’ve finally gotten my bedroom and bathroom in order after years of neglect! Over the last three months, we renovated the master bath (literally gutted it and started over), completed a closet remodel (looks and feels really good), and redecorated the master bedroom (so fun!). Throughout this process, I had been searching for pretty (and functional) items that would personalize each area so I could turn it into one big, gorgeous, cozy space. Mission accomplished 😌 These 15 items will give your home a refresh. And, I found them all at Walmart!

I often take my parents to the Walmart in my darling little hometown of McMinnville, and sometimes I end up getting more than they do! I own (or want to own) all the items below, and found that they gave my rooms the perfect little update. This is ideal when you have visitors popping in for the holidays! When I told my daughter Emily (check out Em’s picks here) I was working on a Walmart-sponsored blog post, she immediately said “mom, they’re on fire right now!” So, we scoured the website and made some great finds in addition to things I already own. Whether you’re refreshing your home, decorating for the holidays or buying gifts for loved ones, Walmart has it all. Read on to see my favorite home finds — you won’t be disappointed!


Favorite home finds from Walmart

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Walmart home finds
Set of baskets
Most of us love baskets, and these cute ones with white trim are perfect for any room. Use them for towels or to showcase a plant. Wherever they land, baskets add a little warmth to every space.
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Patina Living
Brooke Gianetti is a Northern California interior designer I've followed for years. This book is one of several -- they're all good, and would make a special gift for anyone.
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Espresso machine
I dream about my coffee the night before I go to bed! It sounds a little ridiculous, but it's true. I can't imagine morning without my espresso maker -- it's hands down the most popular appliance in my house!
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Coffee mugs
All-white dishes look elegant, and these mugs are perfect for tea or hot chocolate. When friends come over, make them lattes and arrange the mugs on a serving tray for a festive look!
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Seagrass rug
Seagrass is another top ten house favorite. Yes, sometimes the boys in my family complain a because it's not soft and fuzzy. But let me tell you, these are SO durable -- and they look great! I have this one in my basement Instagram office.
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Block print napkins
If you have simple dishes, then pretty napkins (either solid or patterned) always work. And, they add a little interest to every table setting. These pretty ones caught my eye :)
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Staub dutch oven
If you're careful, all-white cookware can stay clean and look pretty on your cooktop. I always have a couple sitting on the range, and it's a cozy little touch that makes me happy.
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I just ordered these glasses for a little glassware update. They're durable, and the color is really soft and pretty. Switching up your glassware when setting a table is a nice thing to do, just to mix things up a bbit!
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Garden stools
Garden stools are useful in so many places! When the weather is warm, bring them outside. During the rest of the year, try one in your bathroom with towels, or as a small side table in your living space.
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Solo Stove
Last summer, I had a memorable evening at a friend's house. We were sitting on her driveway, and stayed super toasty thanks to her Solo Stove. I've wanted one ever since!
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Six Seasons cookbook
Joshua McFadden is the James Beard award-winning chef who's kale salad changed everything! It's the reason I purchased the cookbook, and the kale salad is indeed amazing. Plus, Joshua had a restaurant in Portland that I was lucky enough to try on several occasions. You'll love this book!
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Bamboo coffee table
A little design trick: when you find a piece of furniture and you love the shape and overall design of it, paint it. It completely transforms an inexpensive piece into something that looks like it was made specifically for your home. And this white color is spot on!
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Large basket
As I mentioned above, you can never have too many baskets! I have this one in my office; it holds extra blankets and magazines, and it looks pretty too.
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Nespresso and frother
We're a big coffee family! I've often thought about how nice it would be to have a Nespresso machine in my office, or even in our upstairs tv room! This one gets top reviews.
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$30 gold chain handbag
I know, this isn't home related, but it's still in stock and no one would ever know it's $30! I own it myself and it goes with SO many outfits -- try it, I'm sure you'll love it too.
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