16 November 2021

Top Picks from Amazon – Pt. 2

Martini glass | Chanel book


Top Picks from Amazon – Pt. 2

Lately, I have been on an Amazon shopping spree and I thought why not do a part two of original Amazon post, Top Picks from Amazon. Check it out here! Between TikTok and Instagram, I have found so many great Amazon finds from home decor, to accessories, to swimwear and clothing.

I seriously can’t get enough.. Check out my recent favorites ready to go in my shopping cart.


Amazon Inspiration

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There are so many amazing coffee table books you can get from Amazon… I love this Architectural Digest beige coffee table book, which is so perfect for neutral inspired living rooms, or check out this black Chanel designer coffee table book, my mom has the same one and I’m obsessed.

This BAIES room spray by Diptyque is one of the most heavenly scents ever, and it will leave your home feeling fresh, floral and your guests impressed. I also have the candle on my bedside table and even when it’s not lit, it still smells good… Worth every penny.

I mentioned this in my last Amazon post, that Amazon is one of my favorite places to get swimwear. There are so many great affordable swimwear options, and so many styles to chose from. I especially love this green detailed bikini.

Lastly, Amazon also has a lot of great artificial plants to make your home feel lively, without the job of tending to your plants. I love this artificial fig tree!


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