4 November 2021

Found: Festive pieces you’ll wear all season long!

Vince blouse | Coated denim | Schutz sandals | Mansur Gavriel bag | Bony Levy necklace | Bony Levy pendant

Found: festive pieces you’ll wear all season long!

Once November rolls around, it’s party season! After almost two years of nothing to get dressed up for, it’s finally happening … and it feels SO good. Is it still a bit early? Kind of. But trust me on this one: we only have a short time for festive outfit-wearing, so if you decide to purchase a fun little something, now’s the time because the good festive pieces always sell out! A while back, I started reading about post-pandemic revenge shoes (!!) and how people were going to start getting really dressed up. So, it’s looking to be a fun party season and an interesting time to see what everyone is wearing 😉

Today’s post is about special pieces for all your upcoming events: everything from sequin tops and dresses to sparkly earrings to coated denim and festive sweaters. There’s a lot to cover, including some very well-priced items like this $59 star sweatshirt, this $79 sequin skirt, and this $49 metallic top. We also have style board inspo, Em’s picks (my daughter Emily is sharing her selections) and a few hostess gift ideas. I hope you like it!

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I think we’re all ready for a little extra sparkle this year, and there are many great options. For example, add a simple top like this one or this one and you’ll it have for years. This is also a style that can be worn during the day (depending on the event) with denim. Or, you might like this green one. For something a bit more casual, look at this one for $59! This skirt is also a deal, and it will sell out, so grab one while you can 🙂

Green wrap coat | Sequin skirt | Blouse | Sparkle sandals | Earrings | Plate | YSL bag | Lipgloss

Sequin faves



Coated denim

I really can’t think of a pant that’s cooler than coated denim. Why? Well, it makes every outfit look way more expensive than it is, and it’s really versatile too! We recently had the opportunity to tour the factory where Mother and Fidelity denim are produced. At first, when I saw red coated Mother denim, I was a little unsure — but now I can’t wait to get a pair (this might be the style for me). Below are my coated denim picks — you’ll love the look!

Veronica Beard blazer | Frame denim | L’Agence sandals | L’Agence silk cami | Chanel lipgloss | Handbag | Earrings | Volupsa candle

Coated denim faves



Faux fur

A faux fur jacket is the perfect addition to any festive outfit. So, if you find a style you like, grab it now because it’ll work with dresses, skirts and even denim. Also, the faux fur pieces I’ve seen are amazing, and some of the prices are really really good.

Faux fur jacket | Red shoes | Perfume | Mansur Gavriel bag | Book | Satin trouser | Sequin cami

Faux fur faves



Dressed up sweaters

A simple cashmere sweater, like this one in red, will go beautifully with coated black denim. Or, try one with the sequin skirt mentioned above. There are several others that caught my eye, including this one, and I noticed a couple on the Anthropologie website (here and here) that are a bit sexy. If you’re feeling really daring, look at this one. A sweater is a perfect way to get dressed up without going all in!

Faux fur jacket | Cashmere sweater | Sandals | Paige denim | Bag | Mini sugar cubes (so cute) | Earrings

Sweater faves



Pretty dresses

Right now there are more dress options available, and getting one or two while they’re in stock is a good idea! I love Eliza J, but they tend to go really quickly because they’re reasonably priced and very popular. Veronica Beard just added an evening section (click here to see), and they’re also beautiful but more expensive. Oh and I visited the ALC store on my last LA shopping trip, and I spotted this one and this one. See below for some other favorites.

Champagne glasses | Manolo shoes | Earrings | Dress | Rebecca Minkoff bag | Cashmere robe | Pearl necklace

Dress faves



Party shoes

the extra touch for every outfit


Party bags

you might be surprised how often you use one


Sparkly jewelry

think statement pieces that are the finishing touch 



Em’s picks

my sweet daughter

Its been a minute, but Em is back and I love what she creates. So, check out her latest style board!

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