31 July 2021

My closet used to be boring … until I did this!

Zara dress | Sandals | Loewe straw bag | Similar bracelets

My closet used to be boring … until I did this!

I recently completed a long overdue closet remodel, and if I could do things over, I would have done it YEARS ago!! Honestly, I had NO IDEA how transformative a new closet would be. Working with Veronica from the Closet Factory in Portland was such an incredible experience; she patiently listened to my ideas (most of which were focused on making the closet look pretty over functional), and made great suggestions. Thankfully, she knew that function is actually more important, and she worked magic to create a beautiful and useful closet!

Today’s post is about the closet features I love the most, which will hopefully be helpful for those who want to do a major closet remodel or simply add a few touches that will make all the difference. I’m also sharing 5 very important strategies on how you can take your wardrobe from “boring” to the next level! Read on for my recommendations and tips, and turn your closet into a place you love to be 🙂


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The Closet Factory, Portland | Photography by Kathryn ElsesserCloset design by Veronica


Closet details worth the extra attention:

The little details really make all the difference! Whether you’re renovating an existing closet, building a new one or freshening up your existing space, these ideas work for everyone.

Jewelry drawers … I wish I had added another velvet lined jewelry drawer, it might be one of my favorite things. It’s so helpful to have your best pieces nicely organized, and there’s even room for several sunglasses. Add a jewelry drawer to an existing drawer — you’ll be glad you did!

Sections for different types of clothing … Veronica helped design separate sections for different types of clothing, which creates the feeling of a store boutique as well as helps organize your clothes, like dresses, tops, winter coats, etc.

Shelving … Merchandising shelves in your closet to make them look pretty is fairly easy to do if you have the extra space. Use nicely colored shoe boxes, books or wicker baskets, and maybe add a plant here and there. They’re also useful for extra storage!

Valet rods … Another helpful detail! I love creating outfits (as many of you know), and whatever is inspiring me currently, I like to hang on a valet rod. I did a little research, and found some options here and here to add to any closet. Trust me on this, they’re very very useful!

Matching hangers … I’ve said this in previous posts, but talk about game changers! I’m not sure why I waited so long to make this switch. The Container Store has nice wooden hangers, and they make your clothes look neat and symmetrical. Love!



5 strategies that take your closet to the next level!

Silky trench | Cream sweater | Black slim pants | Prada pumps | Balenciaga bag

We all have different purchasing habits, and we often gravitate towards the same things over and over. Some of us LOVE buying bags and shoes, others grab multiple colors of our favorite items, and some focus on clothes and less on accessories. Whatever your habits are, keep reading to see the tips that take your wardrobe up a level. Side note: Alter everything! Pay attention to sleeve detail and denim lengths, both of which make a huge difference!

Invest in special bags

Buy the best you can and make sure they aren’t all black 😉

Under $1000




Start collecting accessories you love

Pieces like scarves, pretty jewelry and special belts make a big difference


Buy cool shoes in addition to the basics

Add a red shoe, special sandals or a cool slide — you’ll wear them for years to come


Jackets, jackets, jackets

You can never have too many



Make sure you own the basics

No wardrobe works without the basics — these are all-time favorites


Thank you for reading! xx