22 April 2021

I completely overhauled my closet: here’s how it turned out!

Sundry dress | Brinker & Eliza bracelet | Laura Lombardi chain necklace | Poppy Finch necklace

I completely overhauled my closet: here’s how it turned out!

Recently, I completely overhauled my closet with the help of The Closet Factory — something I’d dreamed of for years. The entire project exceeded my expectations, and I really had no idea what I had been missing! There are still a few details left, like adding these knobs and the prettiest light fixture, so once it’s complete I’ll share photos (including an embarrassing ‘before’ photo)! The closet re-design process started in December when I met with Veronika, a super stylish and talented closet designer. She had many great ideas, including designing the cabinets to be 24″ deep which give the closet a boutique feel (see below photo). Cabinet lighting is another favorite detail, and so is the valet hook — let’s just say I wish I could add 5 more! To read last month’s closet post, click here.

Today I’m showing you the pieces that were hand selected to be brought back into the closet, and also those that didn’t make it. Believe it or not, there’s still a decent amount in the hallway waiting for some kind of decision. I’m sure everyone can relate; cleaning out a closet after 21 years isn’t easy, but it sure does feel good! Based on my years of working in fashion, I know we all have closet woes and things we’d like to change. Keep reading and hopefully you’ll get a few ideas for your own closet refresh!

A special thank you to The Closet Factory – Portland for your kind attention to all the details, and for willing to work around my indecisiveness (i.e making a second trip to install knobs and extra shelves). You were easy to work with, professional, and patient. I absolutely LOVE my new closet! 🙂


Closet inspo

Rails dress hanging | BlankNYC green jacket | Balenciaga wallet on chain | Mother jeans | Closet Factory 

Another special thank you goes to my friend Heidi Semler, one of Portland’s top interior designers. She selected the Antelope carpet and the ceiling wallpaper, and then came to ‘merchandise’ the closet and made it really really pretty!



Pretty blouses that still fit, and silky camisoles

Didn’t make the cut

Too-small blouses, and outdated prints

Reformation blouse | Mother white denim | Marc Fisher sandals | Brinker & Eliza bracelet

Favorite blouses include anything from Paige, Vince and silk camisoles by Cami NYC like this one and this one. Super versatile, and a key piece in making many many outfits.



Cami NYC






Spring jackets — think denim, and lightweight versatile jackets

Didn’t make the cut

Anything not worn in couple of years, and oversized, ill-fitting styles

BlankNYC green jacket | ATM tee | Sunglasses | Mother ‘Insider’ denim

Full disclosure, I didn’t get rid of any denim jackets! I have 5 and wear them all the time. As I wrote in this recent post, you can never have too many jackets! However, definitely get rid of ones that look dated and don’t fit, and ones that you haven’t worn in a couple of years. Start new!





Sentimental jewelry and current favorites on constant repeat, like dainty gold necklaces and bracelets

Didn’t make the cut

All the old things that weren’t of much value and looked dated, or that I hadn’t worn in years. I was ruthless — and it feels really good!

Rails top | Halogen hat | Michael Stars tank | Dior bracelets | Link necklace | Pearl necklace | YSL bag

Lately I’ve been loving link necklaces or slightly chunkier styles layered over daintier styles. It’s the perfect update to our jewelry collections. Having different bracelet options is also a good way to express your personality, so don’t hesitate if you see something you love! Some brands to pay attention to are Missoma, Set & Stones and Laura Lombardi — all super cool!


Set & Stones

Laura Lombardi – here and here




Favorite denim: clean white jeans, gray-wash favorites, faded blue jeans and 3 skinnies

Didn’t make the cut

Low-rise, dated denim, skinnies not worn in awhile, and darker washes. If they come back, you’ll have a good excuse to replenish 🙂

Rag & Bone blazer | Mother denim | YSL mini lou | Initial necklace | Sunglasses

Since we all wear only a handful of jeans at any given time, I highly recommend hand picking the very best. Skinnies aren’t overly trending right now so I’d only keep a few good ones. As I mentioned last month, anything really low-rise also needs to go!




Vuori joggers, Lululemon Align and Wunder Under leggings, a few Zella leggings, sports bras that still fit (!)

Didn’t make the cut

Lululemon leggings that were too short (dated), uncomfortable workout pants, Nike sport bras that hurt when you’re pulling them over your head!

Everlane cashmere tee | Vuori Jogger | Gold table

I’ve seen a lot of workout clothes when working on people’s closets, and I’m taking a wild guess that if you’re like me, only a handful are the comfy go-to styles. This is why I tossed old leggings not worn in years, and sweatshirts that are hard to pull over my head. Sounds silly but it’s true!





T-shirt dresses and spring/summer dress styles that I’ll wear all summer long. I’ll revisit sweater styles in the fall!

Didn’t make the cut

Dresses I don’t see wearing in the foreseeable future, like dated dressier styles and dresses that all of a sudden feel too short

Sundry dress | Brinker & Eliza bracelet | Laura Lombardi chain necklace | Poppy Finch necklace| Marc Fisher sandals | Gucci bag

I love casual dresses in the summer — there are so many that are cute and work with everything from sneakers to sandals. Favorite brands include Paige, Rails and Z Supply.





Favorite thongs from Natori and Hanky Panky, Chantelle (not sexy but super comfy) panties, and shape wear that’s not stretched out. And of course, all my favorite Wacoal bras!

Didn’t make the cut

Spanx that has lost its shape, including this favorite tummy smoother panty that I’ll need to replenish because it’s a favorite

Wacoal bra | Paige Christy pants | Frank & Eileen shirt

Having well-fitting bras and panties – that aren’t dingy – are one of the small pleasures in life! Everything listed here is an all-time favorite. There are more — probably need an entire blog post to cover 🙂


Thank you for reading! xx