27 July 2021

All New: Nsale finds, style boards … and an insider tip 🙌

Vince top | Paige “Cindy” ecru jean | Who What Wear bag | Gucci sandals | Tom Ford sunglasses

All new: Nsale finds, style boards …  and an insider tip 🙌

This happens every year … I spend hours and hours scouring Nordstrom Anniversary Sale merch to narrow down my favorites. Then I spend days making outfits, and think I have a pretty good handle on most everything that’s available. And then, lo and behold, I discover MORE new things 😂  This year was a little different compared to any other Anniversary Sale: new things are still continuing to roll in! I heard from several trusted sources that shipping was delayed on many items. For example, JUST TODAY I discovered this coat, this one and this one too! I’ve made style boards for everything, see below 😉

This post features all new things: my recent discoveries on the Nordstrom Sale, AND the style boards! Also, it’s worth noting that while there are loads of options on sale, I believe in selecting only the very very best pieces. This might mean a non-sale coat, or a designer handbag, or the latest shoe. After all, curating an incredible wardrobe means incorporating high and low, splurges and deals. I’ve created the following style boards for you by mixing it all up, and I really hope you like them!

What about the insider tip? Well, if an item you really love has sold out, put an incorrect size in your shopping bag, and then keep checking on it — frequently. Inventory changes hourly; returns will start coming in, and your size will likely pop up! And if you really really want it, consider paying for expedited shipping! (This works on other websites too.) Happy shopping!


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Style Board #1

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This plaid coat is a new addition and it caught my eye — love it with the Anine Bing graphic tee

The Moncler vest isn’t part of the sale, but I had to include it because the red is so pretty!

Loving a white bootie, especially with a black detail. And how cool are these pearl, Gucci inspired boots?


Other favorites




Style Board #2

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Camel and black is always a classic, and this camel cardigan and quilted coat are super versatile

The patterned bb hat, leopard trim sneaker and gorgeous Loewe scarf keeps this outfit looking really elevated

The white ATM tee is amazing — everyone loves it and it’s really flattering. It’s my personal favorite!


Other favorites




Style Board #3

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These Spanx faux leather leggings have over 3.4k near-perfect reviews – grab these on sale!

Pretty light blue touches like this new sweater vest and this puff sleeve version are so pretty combined with brown

This brown teddy bear coat is so cozy and is a new arrival to the sale – so good!


Other favorites



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