27 May 2021

Don’t buy so much! Here’s why

Rails dress | Fidelity denim jacket | Marc Fisher sandals | Sunglasses | Poppy Finch necklace

Don’t buy so much! Here’s why 🙂

I really believe that when it comes to our closets, less is more. Having too many things complicates the process of getting dressed every day! Since most of us really wear a small percentage of our clothes anyway, it makes sense to only have things that really matter in our closets. Over the years, people have always asked me about my closet, and I’ve thought to myself — if only you knew how bad it is! I mean, I’ve worked on hundreds of wardrobes, giving them a good workable edit and making thousands of outfits. But, as far as the closets themselves? I was no expert … until now. I always told them: don’t buy so much! Here’s why 🙂

The Closet Factory in Portland custom designed a closet for our large and poorly designed space, and I absolutely love how it turned out! When they first arrived, I think they were surprised at how few clothes and shoes I actually had. They likely thought “she’s a fashion blogger, her closet must be packed!” But in reality, since I’m always editing, I have a pretty pared down closet, and let me tell you — it feels really, really good!

Today’s post is about the features I love most about the closet thanks to Veronika, the super talented designer at the Closet Factory. She did an amazing job at listening to my goals and helping to make the space really pretty and useful! It’s also about all of us making careful and thoughtful purchases … so we have outfits instead of pieces. In the long run, I believe this saves money and time. Keep reading to get the details on my beautiful new closet, and to see the pieces that actually make a great wardrobe come together!

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Susie’s closet — thank you Closet Factory Portland!


Left: Vince blouse | Fidelity denim | Chloe bag | J.Crew packable hat | Right: Reformation Violet blouse – sold out but new striped one here and London print here | Mother white denim | Marc Fisher sandals | Heart bracelet



Closet choices I absolutely love!


Antelope carpet – Heidi Semler design | Chandelier | Wood Hangers


The Details

Each cabinet is 24″ deep, which creates a more substantial built-in look

The Closet Factory uses floor-based construction which is significantly stronger than wall-hung, and looks finished and substantial

The two valet rods are life changing!!

Soft close drawers, acrylic drawer dividers and a velvet jewelry insert keep everything pretty and organized

I chose crystal knobs which feel like jewelry 🙂


Don’t buy so much — here’s why!

Invest in pieces that make outfits

J.Crew Ella cardigan | Mother denim | ATM tee | Prada shoes

We all have a lot of clothes. I’ve seen it first hand after helping hundreds of women in their closets. Yet, the thing I hear over and over again is “I don’t have anything to wear.” I get it, I’ve been there too! But what I’ve learned over the years is that the KEY to making workable outfits is having all the correct pieces. In other words, 20 white t-shirts won’t make outfits. But, a versatile jacket, neutral shoes and well fitting denim will! Keep reading to see what matters and what doesn’t. And, if you’d like a closet edit, message me!


Versatile Jackets

Jackets really count. They’re timeless, and they work with all denim and several types of dresses. Find a few good year-round styles, like this Veronica Beard blazer, this leather jacket staple or this utility jacket, and you’ll have outfits for days!





Denim that fits AND is the correct length

One of the things I consistently notice when I’m in my clients’ closets is that their jeans are the wrong length, which ruins every outfit. It’s such an important detail that’s often over looked! My rule of thumb: if a jean says “ankle” then hem it to your ankle – jeans should not be bunchy at the ankle! If in doubt, look at the model on the website 😉 Top-selling denim everywhere includes this Paige style, Mother (this and this), Frame (this and this), and this Rag & Bone Cate mid-rise. These are the stylist favorites that sell!






Neutral shoes that work with all your outfits

I often notice shoes that are dated, or the absence of a neutral, go-with-everything shoe. Take, for example, this one by Schutz  that I’ve gone on and one about!! The reason it’s so good is because it works with every denim style and color, and with dresses as well — all kinds — including casual ones and even a little bit dressier styles. Some other options: this one and this one, and a few new-ins I recently spotted below.



A few good tees

Having a few good tees is critically important, especially if they tend to work with many items you might own, like this best-selling ATM Schoolboy tee. Tees go with everything from denim shorts to a Veronica Beard blazer. Often I see a bunch of white and black tees in my clients’ closets — half of which aren’t even worn! Go through your tees and give a good solid edit, then invest in a few new good ones. Black, white, gray and maybe a color like blush or beige!





A couple of camis

Starting out with a pretty black and white or cream cami is key to making slightly dressier outfits. If you’re going out for drinks, wear a cami under a blazer or cardigan. A strapless bra is ideal (this one is a favorite), but you can also wear a regular bra if you’re wearing a jacket. This cami is very bra friendly, and it’s only $49! Brands I often recommend are Cami NYC and Equipment.




Cool accessories: Stylish bag, Sunglasses and Jewelry

Truly the finishing touch to every cool outfit!


Thank you to The Closet Factory Portland for collaborating on this project!

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