21 February 2021

Vacation packing list: The 6 pieces you need!

Swimsuit | Hat | Coverup | Valentino flip flops | Sunglasses

Vacation packing list: The 6 pieces you need!

A year ago, I added a travel section to my website and was really excited to create content for it. And then stuff happened, as we know, and like many of us I put all vacation plans on hold. We all work differently, but I found it best not to think about it too much, knowing that someday it would become reality again. I’ve had a travel bug since I was 4 years old when my parents shipped me off to England to visit my grandparents (photo here)!

Recently, I’ve started vacation dreaming again … and the list is long 🙂 But for now, the first trip is going to be to a sunny, warm place! Living in the PNW, we’re a little sun deprived — and there’s nothing like a little sunshine to brighten our spirits! I’m not sure when or where this will happen, but I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, keep reading for vacation essentials you’ll want to pack on your next sunny trip!

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Vacation Inspo


Grand Hyatt, Kauai | Valentino sandals | Inexpensive version

(We honeymooned here and brought our 3 kids back to visit 20 years later!)


Travel day essentials

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On every single flight, for years, I bring this scarf, these cozy socks and a tote.

This pretty suitcase has been a go-to, and it’s so easy to spot amongst a sea of black!

I love this makeup organizer has and I usually carry it on since I’d be distraught if my cosmetics were lost:)

I always pack sandals and of course a hat and water bottle!


Vacation inspo

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

How cute is this J.Crew swimsuit? It comes in several colors, and adding the pareo is stylish and practical!

A stylish beach tote is a must and this straw one is practical, while this Dior Book tote is a total splurge but I had to include it for fun!

I love these Gucci rubber slides – they run narrow, but are surprisingly comfortable and super cool!

This linen coverup shirt is so easy and would work over so many swimsuits It comes in other colors too!


#1 Swimsuits

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than try on swimsuits after a 12 month covid break, but I did spot some super cute ones that might make it all worth it! This one-shoulder light blue number caught my eye, as did this pretty two piece. Add one to your collection and it will likely give everything a refresh!


#2 Coverups

Pretty much the most important piece of any sunny vacation, and my suggestion is to have several on hand that work with all your swimsuits. You’ll feel that much more put together lounging around the pool or walking along the beach. Plus, there are several options that are so reasonably priced — like this favorite J.Crew one, or the one above — you just can’t go wrong!


#3 Easy Dresses

Casual dresses make getting dressed so easy! One and done, and you’ll feel put together. Adding all the accessories make the outfits come together. I love this one by Z Supply, and this one are super cute too!


#4 Hat & Sunglasses

The two most important accessories to own for any vacation! I don’t know about you, but when wind and humidity combine, my hair is a disaster … which is why you’ll always see me in a hat! Glamorous sunnies are the perfect finishing touch. Brixton makes the best hat, and I also love this J.Crew packable one.


#5 Sandals

There are so many cute slide sandals, and they hardly take up any room, so if you want to sneak in an extra pair – I’m sure you can 🙂 I usually pack a heel of some kind and never end up wearing them! However this Schutz cork sandal would pretty much go with every single thing, so … next time 😉


#6 Tote

I like having a pretty tote to bring on the plane and have it do double duty on day trips and pool side. There are so many options – I love this pretty pink one from Frame, this canvas one by Mark & Graham and this one by Chloe.


#7 Sun beauty favorites

Of course sunscreen is a must, and I love anything from Supergoop! As a matter of fact, the very first blog post I ever wrote was on Supergoop! you can read it here. I love this mineral powder with SPF — it takes away shine, and almost looks a little like foundation. A summer fragrance is another splurge, and I absolutely love Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. Try the dry body oil spray, or this travel perfume. It’s so good!



Thank you for reading! xx

Chelsea 28 coverup | Brixton Hat | Sunnies | Hyatt, Kauai

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