13 September 2020

Modern women wear white: 5 ways to get the look!

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Modern women wear white: 5 ways to get the look!

This past weekend, my Nordstrom 6 friends and I shared how we style white all year long. My friend Stacey, said it best: “Modern Women Wear White Whenever They Want!” It’s true … do whatever you want, because there are no rules. Initially, when we decided on this topic, I wasn’t on board because here in the Pacific Northwest wearing white on a rainy day has zero appeal. But then I remembered the ivory blazer I just purchased, which happened to be the exact tone as my favorite Frame cami, and these two pieces became the inspiration for this blog post!

I immediately started creating outfits with the blazer and cami, and it became very clear that the options are endless — especially when combined with my wear-all-the-time basics! Tops on my list is buying a new white bootie like this or this, and investing in a winter white handbag like this one. To make this all easy for you, I’ve narrowed everything down to the top 5 pieces to consider adding to your wardrobe, because I’m certain you’ll wear these basics all the time. Read below for a little street style inspo and some shopping tips as well! Women who wear white are fashion statements!




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Style Board Inspo

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#1 – Winter white coat or blazer

Head-to-toe winter white is so elegant, and I also love it mixed with pale grey or any shade of beige. Also, consider this Moncler puffer — it’s a splurge but you’ll wear it all the time. As far as a great blazer goes, this Veronica Beard is a perennial favorite due to all the dickey options. If you’re looking for a Balmain-inspired version, this L’agence is a dead ringer, and this one is under $100. Find one you love, and wear it all winter long!



#2 – White handbag

I picked up this shoulder bag recently, and have been really surprised at how perfectly it goes with absolutely everything. A white bag requires a bit more care, but it’s worth it. I’ve got my eye on this one or this one … I can’t decide 🙂



#3 – Ecru denim

Last spring, I purchased these ecru colored jeans by Everlane and I can’t tell you how much I love them! They’re still stylish, and super comfy. This $25 bone-colored tee gives you many outfit options, and because it’s a soft ivory, this is a color you can wear with all your cozy cashmere sweaters. Speaking of Everlane, pick up this short-sleeved cashmere tee — it’s also in the love category!



#4 – Strappy sandal or bootie

I realize we’re going into winter and a strappy sandal might not be in the cards … but just in case, I love this one (I’ve got it in black). For those of us with a more practical mindset, check out this designer splurge bootie. And then, for a reality check, there’s this one and this one!




#5 – White layering piece

A silky cami like this Frame best-seller, or this one, will easily combine with many of your pants and denim. Adding a blazer or a t-shirt in the same tone as a winter white pant or ecru denim is smart — more outfit options that way! Find a couple you like and they’ll work with everything you have, I promise!




#6 – Bonus – Accessories

Owning a gorgeous cashmere scarf or hat gives you one more layering option, and also adds brightness to any outfit!



Thank you for reading! xx