30 April 2020

Everyone Is Shaving Their Faces Right Now

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Everyone is shaving their faces right now …

… and here’s what a dermatologist has to say about that!

Lately, with most of us staying home, it’s clear I’m not the only one trying out new beauty products and face shaving devices! Based on what’s trending on Tik Tok and Instagram stories, beauty seems to be on everyone’s mind. And, since my skin care questions have been piling up, naturally Dr. Lauren Boudreaux is the first person I thought of to consult. Not only is she a Board Certified Dermatologist, she is an expert on everything related to skin care. She is also a genuinely kind person who is willing to share her knowledge. So, you can imagine how pleased I was when she agreed to join me on an IG Live segment!

I am lucky to have known Lauren for several years, and I trust her so much that I’ve actually done everything she has recommended for my personal skin care! I’ve microbladed my eyebrows (see the post here), I’ve adopted SuperGoop! Sunscreen as my go-to sun protection product (read more here), I got a Clear & Brilliant laser treatment, and I even tried dermaplaning (“shaving my face”)! 

Keep reading to hear what Dr. Lauren had to say during our 36 minute discussion, and to see some of our favorite products. Oh, and be sure to follow her on Instagram @dr.laurenboudreaux — there’s a lot of great info there!




#1 Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a form of mechanical exfoliation that also removes facial hair. If you dare to try this at home, Dr. Lauren recommends focusing only on the the lower face — she had her own mishap of nearly taking off an eyebrow! This treatment leaves you with incredibly clear skin as it also enhances the absorption of topical products. (Make sure to use sunscreen after this kind of treatment.) Tinkle blades, found on Amazon, are the clear favorites for an at-home treatment. If you do try it, let me know how it goes!



#2 Vitamin C – AM

This is a product Dr. Lauren believes you should spend a little extra money on order to get high quality ingredients. Look for serums with a 10% or higher concentration of vitamin C. She uses a serum with 20%, which she says is really good — if your skin isn’t sensitive. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is a highly rated one, and she also likes Obaji Vitamin C Serum. I’ve been using the SkinCeuticals for the last few months and I can really see a difference my my skin. My friend Ter swears by this one; it’s more affordable and has a 15% concentration.



#3 Sunscreen – AM

Everyone knows how critical it is to apply sunscreen every day, rain or shine. A while back, Dr. Lauren shared this information with me, and I wrote all about it here. She suggests SPF 30 or higher, and her favorites are Elta MD, Eucerin Daily Protection and LaRoche Posay. Last year she recommended Supergoop! which I prefer since it’s all natural, and I also love the brand’s story. Read about it here.



#4 Your perfect PM routine


After cleansing, it’s a good idea to apply a good serum before you moisturize. Serums are potent, and they are the powerhouses of the nightly skincare routine. They refine pores, smooth the skin’s surface and help skin retain moisture. Dr. Lauren encourages us to use products with growth factors, like Sente Biocomplete Serum, which has a retinoid combined with peptides to stimulate collagen production. I splurged on Cle de Peau’s The Serum, and I’m so glad I did — the results are noticeable almost immediately! For another highly ranked serum, try Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, it’s regularly at the top of all the “best of” lists and it earns glowing reviews!


Eye creams

Dr. Lauren also recommends spending a little more on high quality eye creams since the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive. Sente Illumine and Obagi Elastiderm are two of her favorites. Add one into your skin care regimen!


After the serum, apply a good moisturizer like Cerave (which I use). Recently I was gifted one by First Aid Beauty and I really like it so far. For a thicker, creamier cream, my sis-in-law swears by Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. She says it smells so good, and her skin is super soft in the morning. Dr. Lauren’s advice on moisturizer: Find one you love, you can’t go wrong with any of them as long as they work for your skin and skin care routine!


#5 The Infamous Baby Foot

I just have to tell you all the funniest thing. My feet were ATROCIOUS, so I tried the latest product everyone is talking about: BABY FOOT. I reluctantly put my feet in these booties that are full of a lavender-scented solution that you don’t think is really going to work. Well, they peeled like SNAKES for several days, and I was thinking to myself “is this ok?” and after the fifth day of shedding, I woke up and my feet were like a BABY’S – so soft and smooth, you wouldn’t believe it!! Get your feet summer ready – trust me, this works! If you just want to moisturize your heels (pre- or post-Baby Foot), Dr. Lauren recommends good old fashioned Vaseline, and Eucerin works well too.


#6 Silk Pillowcases

Dr. Lauren agrees with a couple of claims touted by Silk Pillowcase fans, like that they help lessen hair breakage and help prevent frizzy hair. She’s also on board with the hydration claim, agreeing that they absorb less of your night cream which leaves your skin more hydrated. So, the question remains … should Dr. Lauren try one out? My vote is yes, because if anything, falling asleep with a silk pillowcase every night feels luxurious! I own one and love it, and I know you will too!


I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! xoxo