22 January 2019

I tried this laser treatment …


Every article I see on anti-aging — eye lifts, the chest is the new neck, you name it — I read it.  You know, all those treatments we could potentially spend thousands on … do they even work? Besides, who has the time or money to do everything we’re “supposed” to do?  Personally, I’ve been a little scared to do much because I’m not really trying to turn back the clock (and you can’t really do that anyway).  That said, I would like to look like the best version of myself, and for me that simply means refreshed and not tired. Because I am tired. We all are.

So … after much thought and a lot of research, and a thumbs up from my friend Dr. Lauren Boudreaux, I decided to go for it and purchased three Clear + Brilliant treatments.  Dr. Boudreaux:  “Clear + Brilliant is a great way to stimulate collagen production and remove sun damage with minimal downtime.  It helps maintain healthy skin and prevent early signs of aging. If you want a little something to freshen up your skin and keep that healthy glow,  this is the perfect refresh.”


Here’s how it went down …

I dragged my dear friend Ter along with me for courage. She was helpful but NO WORDS could distract me from the burny, poking sensation you get while the tech is running the laser over your face. This is despite waiting the full 20 minutes for the lidocaine to numb you (optional, but I HIGHLY recommend it). I’m exaggerating of course, it’s unpleasant but totally manageable.  Armed with post-op instructions and a baggie full of moisturizers and serums, we went on our way … directly to happy hour!  You don’t have to hide in recovery; you’ll be red for a few days, but a hat is enough to get you by if you MUST go get that bottle of wine 😊

Three days later, Ter came over to assess the situation. “Your face feels like sandpaper” she stated. I had read that, and it’s true, but “at least you’re not red and puffy anymore.”  How does my skin look today, you ask? AMAZING. It’s really smooth, my pores have shrunk, my dark spots have lightened, and I look refreshed and glowy and … not tired. Wow!


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My take away?

Although it is recommended to have a series of treatments for best results, at approximately $500 per session I would start with one to see how your skin responds.  I had one last year and one this year and am very pleased with the results so far. As we consider anti-aging measures and our own personal goals, I am reminded that we are lucky to be able to do what we can to feel better about ourselves, and to feel more confident and beautiful, inside and out.

Thank you to the folks at Key Laser Institute for their kindness, expertise and generosity. My wonderful technician, Allie, explained the procedure clearly, checked in often and was warm, friendly and professional. Dr. Key himself came in to meet me and answer questions both pre- and post-procedure. He is a leading authority in the field, and an incredible resource. Their offices are swanky and elegant, everyone was lovely, and overall it was a very positive experience.


key laser baggie full of moisturizers and serums



Thank you for reading, and please message me for any questions.

Photo credit: Carrie Minns Photography

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