18 April 2020

Going way out of my comfort zone 😳

Halogen sweater | Wacoal bra | Vuori jogger | Poppy Finch necklace

Going way out of my comfort zone!

Appearing before all of you in a bra is not something I EVER envisioned doing on this blog! Some called it gutsy, one friend said it was “brave and fabulous,” and another friend said she had “tears in her eyes.”  Such lovely comments, and your support means the world! When Wacoal America approached me about a partnership, I immediately said yes. For starters, how cool is it that they’re actually using someone (me) that’s not our daughters’ age? Kudos to Wacoal for representing our age group! I’ve always loved their bras, and when I first started working at Nordstrom right before college, I remember treating myself to one 🙂 Wacol sells the best bra ever!

Keep reading to find out some new discoveries, and the comfiest no-wire bra you’ll ever wear!!

*Disclaimer* I know the world has changed dramatically, and the coronavirus has affected many of our loved ones. I’m sending you all love and warm thoughts today and everyday. Writing this blog is my personal escape, and a place where I can share inspiration and a little lighthearted distraction. Take care of yourselves and others. xo


Bra inspo …

Halogen cardigan | Wacoal High Standards bra | Vuori joggers | Frank & Eileen white shirt | Wacoal Back Appeal bra | Mother “Dazzler” denim | Tabitha Simmons shoes


Bra woes solved!

Sounds too good to be true, but hear me out! I’ve been wearing these bras on repeat, and I’m very happy with both. Recently, when viewing one of my photos, I was horrified to see how … not lifted my bustline looked! So when I heard the “Ultimate Lift” bra provides up to 1″ lift, I was very intrigued. I haven’t measured, but it sure feels like it works! The “Back Appeal” bra provides back and side smoothing, creating a nice sleek look. Try them, you’ll be amazed at the difference!


Wire-free bras

I must confess, I’ve never tried a wire-free bra before — except for a sports bra. So I’m pleasantly surprised at how comfy it is, AND at how it really does the trick (if you know what I mean)! Comes in handy while working from home, that’s for sure. My two wire-free picks are the “Comfort” bra, which looks like a sports bra but is really meant for day-to-day wear, and the Back Appeal style, which is pretty and back smoothing. I highly recommend both.


The best-rated strapless bra right here

It can be difficult to find a strapless bra, and I’ve tried many over the years, including both of these below. The “Red Carpet” is my go-to, and there’s a reason it has over 1K, almost five star reviews! It provides the right amount of support and features removable straps. The “Halo” bandeau bra is the style I wear when I want just a little support. It’s surprisingly comfy and also comes with removable straps. If you’re in need of a new strapless bra, try both of these!


Lingerie care

This detergent blends the finest of modern perfumery — Le Labo Rose 31 and Le Labo Santal 33 — with the best-performing Signature Detergent from The Laundress. Its highly concentrated formula lasts for up to 32 washes. Washing them on the delicate setting in a lingerie bag helps them last a little longer. I added these slippers, because they are what I’m wearing instead of shoes these days, and they’re really really soft!


Thank you to Wacoal America for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading! xo