5 November 2019

Get ready for winter: Moncler and affordable options

Moncler cream coat

I’m wearing: a Moncler coat and here are some similar, affordable options



Get ready for Winter: Moncler and affordable options

Moncler, a popular Italian apparel and sportswear brand, is in the designer luxe category when it comes to puffer coats.  The brand boasts rugged construction using a 90/10 down-to-feather ratio.  According to Moncler, “this means wind cannot go through the coat, and [it] is much lighter than other companies’, but is a lot warmer too.”  This is one of the distinctive features about Moncler’s jackets: they are surprisingly warm, but are a very light, comfortable weight.

I particularly love Moncler’s clothing for all its beautifully stylish details, like fur trims, grossgrain ribbon details, and bright colors.  Their coats come in basically all shapes, sizes and colors for both men and women.  In addition to some of their basics, like the best selling “Flammette” down coat, they always offer fashionable styles that are perfect for running around the city. I personally keep dreaming about this one — in pink. You should put this one on your Christmas list.

Since gift-gathering season is upon us, I’ve rounded up my favorite winter items for the fam, including some super cool hats and some AMAZING AFFORDABLE OPTIONS, that will make you wish you were skiing in the Swiss alps!



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Want something besides black?



Affordable options



Moncler best sellers


Red Moncler, Navy Moncler

These best sellers consistently get five-star reviews.  The styles I’m wearing above with knit sleeves are the perfect option for milder weather, and the prices are much more reasonable.  If a Moncler coat is in your price range, I guarantee you’ll love it for years to come.  The affordable options below will also keep you warm and toasty, and the prices are well below the splurge prices. Now is the time to get a coat, so find one you love and click on it!


Moncler best sellers


affordable options


Under $200 options


Fun Pom Pom hats



David Beckham you look good in Moncler!


Mens five star Moncler coats


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Photo credit: Carrie Minns Photography