8 October 2019

How to do your evening makeup in 5 minutes


Recently I found myself racing from work straight to a black tie event, with only 30 minutes to prepare. Not exactly how I like to get ready to go out, but sometimes things happen this way! And for those who know me, a 20 minute nap gets higher priority over spending a long time on my makeup. This is why I needed to fall back on my super quick evening-out makeup routine, which I thought I’d share with you!

I have a go-to combo that works every time, no matter the time of year.  It’s classic and simple and goes with most skin tones. So, follow along and read about three beauty favorites you can easily incorporate into your daily beauty routine, or rely on for a quick transition at night.


3 Chanel beauty products for the perfect go-to combo



#1 Chanel Illusion D’Ombre luminous eyeshadow

Evening makeup calls for a bit of shimmer, and this luminous, long-wearing eyeshadow is a favorite.  It comes with a shadow/liner brush, but I prefer to use my finger.  And because I usually have eye makeup on leftover from the day, I just sweep it right over what’s already on my eye.


#2 Chanel powder blush “In Love”

I’ve written about this blush several times because it’s SOOO good.  Not only does it smell amazing (strange I know), it’s the perfect peachy, soft blush color that goes beautifully with the shimmery gold eyeshadow above, and the red lip that I’m talking about next.


#3 Chanel red lipstick

A red lip is a classic, glamorous addition for any black tie event.  And, depending on the time of year, I choose between three timeless shades.  The cult favorite “Pirate” is an intense blueish-red; “Amour” is a pinkish red, a bit transparent with a pretty shine; and “Gabriele” is a true red, with an old Hollywood feel and a delicious rose scent.  Find a red you love, and you’ll instantly look and feel ready for an elegant night out.


Prep your face with a quick wash ….

Lately I’ve been using Clé de Peau cleansing foam, which smells nice and feels a little more decadent than my usual Cetaphil wash.If you’re tight on time, just leave your existing eye makeup on!


Apply a good primer …

I always use a foundation primer because it helps smooth out your skin and makes your foundation last longer. These days I’ve been using Laura Mercier Oil-Free primer.  I prefer Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, but recently discovered an empty jar due to TWO family members using it – unbeknownst to me!!


Favorite foundation ever …

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is seriously the best foundation I’ve ever used.  Trust me on this one, if you wear foundation then you absolutely without a doubt must try this one! For reference, I wear color number 5.5. You will LOVE it.


The final touches

A quick sweep with a good brow pencil is a must. I swear by this one, then I add heavier black liner on the lash line, a tightlining, (read here), and finally a reapplication of my favorite mascara. Follow these tips and you’ll be ready to go in no time! I’m usually pretty efficient, but it might take me ten minutes instead of five:) Now go out and have some fun!

Thank you for reading! xo