4 September 2019

Don’t buy fall clothes until you make this switch!

Rebecca Taylor blouse | ALC culottes | Ray Ban sunnies | Clare V. Pouch

Don’t buy Fall clothes until you make this switch

Well that might be a little extreme, but you get the idea:) Switching up your beauty routine is an excellent first step towards getting ready for fall.  You don’t need to rush out and buy a bunch of new things, unless you’re like me and use it as a good excuse!  I could literally spend hours in cosmetic and beauty departments spraying and trying on anything that catches my eye. I did just that today and have lots to share with you!

With New York Fashion Week starting this Friday, I’ve been very busy plotting the most important updates for the new season (more on that soon). In the meantime, I just saw my beloved hairstylist yesterday. I emerged with a slightly darker, richer color — perfect for the transition to fall. This, of course, means I’ll also “need” to change my lip color, pencil in my eyebrows, and spend a little more time on my eye makeup … which is all fun!  Always good to change it up a bit.


Beauty favorites for Fall

Here are a few beauty favorites to get you in the Fall frame of mind.  And of course, as always, click and shop away.  Or visit your local store, or text me and I’ll do my best to answer any questions!!



Did you know there was a 17k person wait for the release of this brand new Charlotte Tilbury foundation?  Crazy. When I heard this, of course I knew I must try it.  You all know how much I LOVE the Giorgio Armani foundation  (wrote about it here and here), and quite honestly this new Tilbury will need to be compelling for me to switch! I came home with my own little sample to try, in #5 cool. If I weren’t so attached to Giorgio, this would be first on my list to buy.



I’ve been pretty low key this summer, not tending to my eyebrows very attentively.  since I got them microbladed a couple of years ago (see post here).  But, with a darker hair shade, eyebrows must follow … and this is the ONLY pencil I absolutely love.  I’ve used it for years, tried many others and this one wins every time!



This combo above has been my go-to lip combo lately.  This Chanel pencil has a brush on one side which is perfect for blending and lightening.  By completely filling in the lip and applying the Bobbi Brown “Bare” crayon, it makes for a richer fall look. The Bobbi crayon alone gives you a beautiful natural nude.  The Tom Ford gloss is SO good, and it’ll compliment all your lipsticks. Being the lipstick junkie that I am, today I bought the brand new, number one seller by Charlotte Tilbury: “Glowing Jen” (after Jennifer Aniston of course!) it’s a “tawny beachy rose” perfect for everyday wear.



According to Charlotte, “On everyone’s lips right now, the return of Charlotte’s WORLD-FAMOUS, BEST-SELLING Pillow Talk blusher palette has caused MAKEUP MANIA across the globe!  With luminous gold flecks in each shade, this blush will add an instant healthy sheen to your complexion for a gorgeous glow!”  Nothing more for me to add except it’s probably obvious why it came home with me!!



This newly released quad by Chanel is perfect for the coming months. According to Chanel, “LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadow palettes feature a vibrant, pigment-rich formula in four tones inspired by threads of CHANEL tweed.”  I’ve had several of these throughout the years, and I find them easy to use, they even come with instructions!  And then of course “tight line” your eyes – read THIS post, and finish with Chanel mascara, which is currently my favorite!



As the fall season approaches, out come the deeper, darker sexier fragrances you’ll love. Once you find a fragrance you really like, I suggest adding a body cream or lotion. I personally have tried or own all of these fragrances except the Bottega Veneta one, which I added since the brand is having a “moment,” and it’s new!  My all time favorite is still Le Labo Santal 33 (read about that here).



Lighting candles around the house is decadent and relaxing. It gives every room a soft glow and a delicious, subtle scent.  Try this one by Byredo or this one by Le Labo.  And don’t be afraid to light them — that’s what they’re for!  Enjoy!


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