29 July 2019

The beauty item that’s a game changer

Hourglass “If Only” | Clare V. pouch, similar here | Michele watch

The beauty item that’s a game changer: in my book, it’s lipstick!

And since today is National Lipstick Day, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favorites with you. Lipstick gives you an instant beauty pick me up that’s simple and effective, and it can change your look in an instant. Charlotte Tilbury considers lipstick “happiness in a tube!”  And who doesn’t want that?  Since I work around cosmetics regularly, it’s easy for me to get a quick refresh now and then, and it ALWAYS calls for trying out a new lipstick! Here are some of the best brands and colors, in my opinion. Choose one, or several — and have fun with it!


Favorite reds

Everyone should have a classic, go-to red in their makeup arsenal. There are many varying shades, so it’s important to find one or two that you love and that complement your skin tone. A favorite of mine is Charlotte Tilbury’s “Tell Laura,” which is a matte, geranium red. I also love the iconic Chanel“Pirate,” which is a true red with blue undertones.  Recently I purchased Chanel’s “Amour” which is more sheer than it looks, especially when applied with this brush.  

Here are the most iconic reds of all time!




Favorite Charlotte Tilbury

I really like most all of the colors I’ve tried, which include Bitch Perfect, Kidman’s KissKim K.W, and of course the infamous Pillow Talk (read more here). This Lip Kit, still available on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, is a great deal and is a best seller. Snap one up!


Everyday nudes

Having a simple, everyday neutral color that works with everything is a must in your lipstick collection. Chanel’s “Adrienne” has been my standard for years, and I often use a liner to help give it a little more color, like Bobbi Brown’s Rose Pink. Thought I’d branch out though, so recently tried this NARS neutral “Rosecliff” at the recommendation of a trusted friend, and it’s great.


Slightly darker nude

This is the newest addition after sitting down with my friend Kirk last week, who determined that a nude lip is what I must have right now! At first I balked at the price of the spendy Chanel lip liner (Mordoré – Nude) and Tom Ford gloss (Naked Elixir), but I decided to splurge knowing both the liner and gloss will work with many other lipsticks I own. AND, the Chanel liner comes with a handy brush which expertly blends it all, so you pretty much have the perfect mouth when you’re done!



I became a little obsessed with the Chanel Beach Runway Show last fall, where all the models were wearing “Infrarose,” a brighter, slightly neon pink. You can read about it here. I use this very fancy lip brush to soften the bright color to my liking, and it gives my lips a pop. I always get compliments on this one!



Chanel glosses are the best, I’ve used several colors and so have my friends, so you can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. I splurged on this new Tom Ford gloss that works with any color, including just a lip liner … and I’m so glad I did. Bonus: it comes with a pretty white case!!



Photography by Carrie Minns

Thank you for reading! xo