25 June 2019

Would you wear a designer dupe?

ATM tee | Poppy Finch necklace | Gucci sunnies | 1901 skirt, on sale!! | bamboo bag |J.Crew sweater-tied around shoulder Michele watch

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I love designer shoes and handbags. But hopefully you also know I’m all about mixing high and low! It’s a little cooler to mix it all up, and there are some amazing pieces out there right now at different price points. This includes dupes, or copies, or whatever we want to call them. Every now and then, I love a good dupe!  

Take, for example, the cute bamboo bag I’m wearing in the above photo.  Last year when the brand Cult Gaia introduced this Instagram favorite, it quickly became the “it” style to own. I loved it, but wasn’t quite sure if I could justify the $200 price tag — so I bought a dupe. And you know what?  I couldn’t really tell the difference, and my $38 purchase was well worth every penny!

While sometimes I want the real thing, like my beloved Valentino flip flops, buying a dupe second pair for $21 can be too hard to resist. For example, there are the Hermès sandals that everyone was wearing last year. Saint Laurent did their own version, and so did Sam Edelman at a fraction of the price. And I basically wore the Sam Edelmans on EVERY day off last summer, and again this summer! VERY worth it.

One of the perks of being in the business of fashion is that I can easily spot the copies!! So, I’ve rounded up some favorites that I think are worth your attention. Whether you get the real thing or the copy, I’m sure you will make the right choice.   My very stylish friend who owns so many designer bags I can’t count them all, has bought copies. Even she has this Chloe dupe and this one too, and NO ONE KNOWS 😉


Valentino Rockstud splurge

This collection always sells out –  I wrote about it here, and while I think these shoes are worth the splurge, I also think these copies are really well made. I recently purchased this pair and the color is amazing.  I’ve been wearing them on repeat (see photo below)!  I also purchased these for my daughter, and she happily wore them out of the house.  (I wasn’t sure if she would like them since she wants mine!)

Valentino Rockstud copy

Halogen cardigan | ATM tee | Madewell belt | Frame denim | Villa Rouge sandals | Gucci sunnies


Saint Laurent splurge sandals

These sandals are reminiscent of the Hermès sandals.  They are a fashion favorite and we have been seeing them everywhere for the past couple of seasons.  Thankfully some others have joined the party! I have my eye on this pair (they’re on sale!!) and this one too.

Hermès inspired copies


Handbag Splurges … and copies


Left photo – J.Crew dress from last year | Chloe dupe | Right photo – Reformation dress | Staud bag | Jeffrey Campbell sandals


Chloe Splurges

Chloe is one of my all time favorite handbag brands, I wrote about it here. While these are definitely worth paying full price, I did buy a copy last year when I decided to spring for a pretty blue color.  And I must say I absolutely love it.

Chloe copies


Staud PVC totes

Seen everywhere and also a style set favorite, these bags are versatile and super stylish.  I have enjoyed my bag and wear it all the time but these exact copies have me thinking of adding a new style to my collection!

Staud copies


Celine initial necklace

Seen all over the internet, this favorite little necklace is very difficult to find, even if you did want to pay full price!  Check out this affordable copy!!


Photo credit – Carrie Minns Photography

Thank you for reading! Xo