17 June 2019

Are we too old for bikinis?

J.Crew ruffle swimsuit | Ray Ban sunglasses | Treasure & Bond dress | Valentino flip flops | Zara bag | Michele watch

Are we too old for bikinis?  For a brief moment in my early 40’s I pondered this thought, and now looking back – what in the world was I thinking?  Of course not!  Now I’m older, and much wiser 😉 and I know that style has nothing to do with age, especially when it comes to swimsuits.  Take a look at this chic blogger friend of mine, Sunny @oldfashionguru – who is currently in St. Tropez.  Talk about inspiring, and check out all her vacation and beach outfits!

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be super tricky for many of us (I wrote about it here). It’s one thing when you’re on vacay with just your family, and a whole other deal when you’re around friends and possibly husbands (eek), and you need to be in a swimsuit.  Any minute, I’m going to get an invite to my friend’s house to crack open the big bottle of bubbly we’ve been saving since last year, and there’s no time left for me to get in shape! So now what? Well, keep reading, because I have a few practical ideas for you. Here’s what to do if you MUST be in a bathing suit!


Tip #1: Find a swimsuit you love and feel good in!

J.Crew ruffle top | J.Crew bikini bottom | Brixton hat | Dior sunnies | Echo coverup | Tory Burch flip flops

Ideally, you need several. If you’re buying a bikini/two piece, I have a theory: the skimpier the better. I know it sounds crazy, but string ties are much more slimming than a two inch band on your bottom half. If that sounds terrible and scary, lucky for us one piece swimwear is very very stylish right now, and evokes retro glamour this season. You have options!


One-shoulder swimsuit




One-Piece swimsuit


Tip #2: Find THE CUTEST coverup you can possibly find.

Chelsea 28 coverup | Brixton hat | Dior sunnies | Supergoop! sunscreen | Charlotte Tilbury Kidmans’ Kiss

Obviously, this is what most of us wear around a pool or on vacation, so it makes complete sense to have several cute coverups. There are so many great caftans (if you’re tall), jumpsuits and rompers and pareos! There are even glamorous styles that work perfectly for summer entertaining. I really love this, this and this.  Coverups are versatile and can be worn so many different ways, it’s definitely a piece you should have in your wardrobe.



Tip #3: Get a tan.

A little color goes a really long way in hiding some leg imperfections. It also makes you look healthier overall. I’m not talking about lying in the sun, that’s a no-no says Dr. Lauren!  I’m recommending self tanners, and you can read all about them here.



Tip #4: Buy a great hat.

Swimsuit | Brixton hat | Gucci sunglasses | Valentino flip flops

I might be the only one of my friends who has the WORST hair when it’s humid and I’m a little sweaty, but let me tell you, wearing a hat and super cute sunglasses hides EVERYTHING!  These photos were taken in Hawaii after a long day of napping and hot weather, and I’m not joking when I tell you all I did was put on lipstick (next tip) and throw on the hat, and I think I cleaned up pretty well 😉  Try it!!!


Tip #5: Find a glam summer lipstick.

I learned this tip from my friend Amy after many spring breaks together, always arriving to our warm destination looking pale … all you need is a nice bright lipstick. This clever little trick brings the attention right back to your face!

Tbank you for reading! Xo

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