8 December 2018

the party makeup everyone is wearing

It’s party season!! Now’s the time to take your makeup routine to the next level: darker, smokier, sexier. The other day, after a full day of work, I snagged a makeup artist for a quick touch up before that night’s event. Next thing I know, I’ve got coppery gold sparkly shadow all over my eyelids (Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette), and Pillow Talk on my lips with a little gloss. That night I fell asleep without removing my makeup (a HUGE no no).  Next morning? IT WAS STILL THERE!! Fast forward to that night’s holiday gathering and my girlfriends are complimenting my eye makeup which at this point is 24 hours old. Huh? Of course, I’m buying this pallette immediatelyThis tutorial will give you step-by-step tips by Charlotte herself on how to create this look.  To read about the 5 products I use every day, click here.

Inspired by Charlotte’s tutorial, I found myself watching a handful of them and discovered this three minute Bobbi Brown lesson;  how to achieve a smoky eye using ivy green shadow. I tried it on myself, and it looks different and cool! Tutorials are fun to watch and actually very instructive. Let me know if you have any favorites!

charlotte tilbury smoky eye


Bobbi Brown smoky eye


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