12 October 2023

The October Edit: Don’t miss these new arrivals

October Edit: Paige houndstooth jacket | Frame trousers | L’Agence sandals | Anthropologie bag | Celine sunglasses

The October Edit: Don’t miss these new arrivals!

One of the thrills of working in fashion is anticipating all the new arrivals at the start of the next season. It’s something I’ve looked forward to my entire career! These days you can find me scouring all my favorite websites to find amazing things to share with you. Yes, new items do roll in regularly, but there are actually peak times … like right now.

For the next 4-6 weeks (my estimate), we will be at the height of new fall and winter arrivals. There are many special holiday pieces arriving, and now is the time to grab anything that catches your eye. I do often talk about adding the “right” pieces, which is necessary for making your outfits come together. But every now and then it’s okay to grab something you love — just for fun! Today’s post is the October Edit, with not-to-be-missed new arrivals. Keep in mind that I’m very particular as to what will make the list. The items below are all things I’d love to purchase myself!

On a personal note: I’m heartbroken over the situation overseas, and my heart goes out to all who have loved ones that are suffering. I’m not an expert in politics, however as a human being and a mother, I think war is always a tragedy that causes horrific suffering and despair. I pray for peace. And to all the families who are innocent and undeserving of such violence and hatred, I send strength, hope and love.❤️

October edit!
Off the shoulder feather dress
You might have noticed that I'm loving anything that has a feather on it! When I spotted this red dress today, it was love at first sight. It's perfect for holiday events and special dinners. This dress is a standout in this October Edit.
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Anthropologie Somerset dress
The Somerset dress at Anthropologie is one of their best-sellers. There are many versions to choose from, including one in velvet. Plus, there are sizes for everyone - regular, tall and petite.
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Feather bag
Look at this J.Crew feather bag -- how fun for an evening out! Whether you're wearing coated denim and a pretty blouse or a special dress, a fun party bag like this one is the perfect touch.
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Party sandals
We love holiday sandals this time of year! If you find a versatile pair, you'll be certain to wear them for years to come. These party sandals caught my eye, and they're reasonably priced too!
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Cinq á Sept velvet shirt dress
You all know how much I love the Cinq a Sept brand, and this new dress is selling out fast. Several of the stores I checked don't have full size runs. So, don't wait on this one ... it'll be gone soon!
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Cashmere wrap
How pretty is this green oversized cashmere wrap? Ideal for traveling, and the color is spot on. Of course, if you prefer something more neutral, there are other colors available. This item is perfect for the October Edit.
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Vince knee boot
Knee boots are everywhere this season, and this Vince pair is brand new. You'll love the cool heel, and it also comes with a solid black heel. I already ordered these and they should be arriving any day!
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Varley quilted jacket
This Varley jacket is SO comfy! I wore it recently, and then it sold out. But I found it at Matches this morning fully in stock. For reference, I'm wearing an XS. Check it out!
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Lil' Mother petite jeans
Finally!! Mother Denim has just come out with their new petite collection, called Lil' Mother. And, they've adjusted the proportions. The knee placement is higher, and the inseam and rise are a little shorter. I've tried ALL these styles and they're FANTASTIC!
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Gold watch
These days, with everyone owning cell phones, we don't really need to look at a watch to tell the time! But I still love wearing one, and consider it to be more like jewelry. This one is sleek and elegant.
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Sézane striped cardigan
Just this morning, I spotted Shae McGee of Studio McGee wearing this Sézane sweater. I stopped by the Sézane store while shopping in SoHo and found the most stylish things! See below for the new gray jacket that just arrived this morning.
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Sézane jacket
This Sézane jacket is a keeper for fall and one my my faves from this October Edit. It's comfortable, super versatile, and adds a little polish to casual outfits.
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Mini Drawstring bag
Everyone should consider adding a red bag to their wardrobes. In spring, it looks beautiful with chambray, white and denim. And now, as we head into fall, it looks great with blacks and grays, as well as neutral colors.
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Frame Jetset skinny jean
It's shocking I'm sharing a skinny jean ... even I think so! But I immediately put these in my cart, and I'm thinking they could be perfect for my upcoming flight to London. Sometimes being on the shorter side and wearing a slim pant with oversized jackets and coats is a bit more flattering. I'll keep you posted!
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Farm Rio dress
Farm Rio is a really great brand. And, I've noticed that Anthropologie often carries their dresses in both regular sizes and petites. This dress caught my eye, and it's also brand new today!
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L'Agence crystal sandal
This sandal by L'Agence is so versatile, I have worn mine over and over again. There are many versions available, and they work with everything from dresses to your favorite denim.
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Metallic varsity cardigan
The other day I walked into Anthropologie and this was the first thing I saw! The varsity stripe detail is super cool. It's one size, and fits a little oversized. Ideal for fall with jeans and sneakers or boots.
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Valentino handbag
I know this is a crazy splurge, but I adore this bag! When I was in Dallas recently, I tried it on and now I can't stop dreaming about it 😉
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Nili Lotan hoodie
This 100% cotton hoodie also comes with a matching pant. When you have a set in your closet, the jacket options are endless! This would look great under any camel coat, puffer or vest. It's perfect for casual winter days.
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xel Arigato sneakers
Emily told me about these cool girl sneakers seen all over Instagram, and I had never heard of them! Now that I've spotted them at Shopbop and Nordstrom, I'll give them a try.
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Washable silk robe
I highly recommend this silk robe. The colors are all really pretty, and it's comfortable and soft. You'll feel a little extra while getting ready in the morning!
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Lululemon Scuba 1/2 zip
I have a theory that wearing cute workout clothes will actually motivate you to work out more! This 1/2 zip is very soft and a nice color. I'm not sure if it'll inspire me, but I'm trying out the concept :)
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Wool and mohair cardigan
This is another Sézane piece that you might like. I quickly tried it on, and already love it. When I actually wear it out in the real world, I'll share a few styling ideas. It's super soft and lightweight, and will be perfect for running errands around town.
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J.Crew sweater lady jacket
This sweater jacket just arrived and it has the prettiest buttons! It's a style that has been around before and has quickly sold out. It's perfect with denim, or as a jacket option over a dress.
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