28 February 2023

10 wardrobe essentials you should never be without!

Never be without: Frame denim jacket | Norma Kamali dress | Sandal | Valentino bag | Gorjana necklace | Gigi Clozeau necklace

10 wardrobe essentials you should never be without!

If you happen to be on Instagram, you might have noticed that I do lots of filming straight from my closet. I love creating super stylish outfits that I get to share with all of you. What I’ve learned over many years of getting dressed, is that having a collection of wardrobe essentials is absolutely necessary in order to create good outfits. We all need these key pieces in our closets! Among the 10 wardrobe essentials you should never be without: current denim, neutral shoes, white tops and stylish jackets … and the list goes on!

Since we’re at the beginning of a season, it’s a good time to review your essential items. These are the ones that will help you transition into spring. If you own some of these core items (I’ll list them below), then you’ll be ready to make the cutest outfits starting right now. Today’s post is about the 10 pieces I’m never without. I’m not joking when I say I gravitate towards the same things most days. If you’ve seen me out and about lately, I can almost guarantee I’m wearing these jeans, this t-shirt and these sneakers! It’s because they always work, every.single.time.

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#1 White tops


Left: Veronica Beard topLevi’s | Right: Rails top | Paige Claudine jeans | L’Agence sandals | Tory Burch bucket bag

You don’t need a lot, but owning a few white tops is really useful. For example, the ATM t-shirt is a must in my book! Same with the Frank & Eileen Joedy shirt, and the Rails gauze shirt. Then, add special ones as you find them. The Rails smocked top above is feminine and pretty. Same with the Veronica Beard puff sleeved top, and it’s flattering too. You should never be without a few great white tops in your collection.


#2 Utility jacket


Left: Salty and Pine customized jacket | Right: Anine Bing jacket | AGOLDE tank | White jeans | Sandals

I have three utility jackets that I’ve collected over the years, and I just added this camo version. Utility jackets are versatile, and you can wear them most seasons. The 1822 one is only $59, and feels more like a shirt jacket. Everyone on my team has this one! Anine Bing makes one that’s a little more expensive. It’s super soft, and the green shade is gorgeous. For reference, I wear an XS in both of these styles. A couple of years ago, my friend who owns the company Salty Pine gifted me this personalized vintage one, which I love. They’re always cool, and you’ll have them for years to come!


#3 J.Crew jacket cardigans


Left: Juliette cardigan | White tank | White jeans | YSL Sandals | Loewe Tote | Middle: Ella cardigan | Schutz Victorie | Brink & Eliza Bracelet| Right: Juliette cardigan

There’s really no one that does this style of cardigan/jacket better than J.Crew. The price is reasonable and you’ll wear it all the time! The Juliette style is lighter weight  — try layering it up now, and lightening it up later. I have it in three colors, and I’m going on three years wearing them! Size down as they run big. One other note: J.Crew just came out with this new one and I can’t wait to try it — it’s another good one.


#4 Denim jackets


Left: L’Agence Denim Jacket | Schutz sandal | Right: Frame denim jacket | Norma Kamali dress | Schutz sandal

I’ve been wearing a denim jacket for over ten years, and this coming season they’re everywhere …  again! I’m loving slightly oversized ones like the Frame one I’m wearing above. AGOLDE makes this one I love, and you can never go wrong with this one under $100 either. For more fitted styles (because sometimes they look better over dresses), look at the L’Agence Janelle jacket or this one by AG.


#5 Neutral sandals


Left: Rails dress | L’Agence denim jacket | YSL sandals | Loewe Tote | Prada sunglassesRight: Anthropologie Tiered dress | Schutz Sandal

When the weather warms up, flat sandals are a go-to. There are two I always suggest because they literally go with everything! This caramel color by YSL is a favorite — huge splurge, but worth it if you wear them all the time. For a more affordable option, look at the Bay sandal by Sam Edelman. They’re comfortable and they work with everything. Specifically the colors I prefer are tan and black patent or the caramel ones. I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones that complete your outfits!


#6 Cotton button front shirts

Left: Rails eyelet top | White jeans | Gucci sandals | Rive Gauche toteMiddle: Citizens of Humanity shirt | Mother Hustler | Sandals | Right: Rails white top | Mother Insider | Michael Stars tank | Embellished flats | Gucci sunglasses

It started during the pandemic, when I wore the white Frank & Eileen Joedy shirt (in superfine cotton) basically every day. There’s something about a slightly oversized shirt that is chic and comfortable at the same time. Last month, I decided to add the light blue, and now I’m wearing that one non-stop! Here are the others I’ve tried and also recommend:

Citizens Of Humanity Kayla: a best-selling button front poplin shirt that’s slightly oversized. I have the XS for reference

Citizens Of Humanity Penny: a short sleeved, slightly oversized button front shirt. See it in yesterday’s post

Rails Ellis: During the summer, this gauze button front shirt is a staple. Wear it open over a tank, or tie it over a dress

Rails Arlo: Another slightly oversized shirt. Try it in the eyelet which you can find here. Rag & Bone stripe: while I DO NOT need another one, this caught my eye today 🙂


#7 Denim, of course


Left: Ulla Johnson blouse | Juliette cardigan | Mother Insider | L’Agence Heels | Right: Isabel Marant sweatshirt | Naghedi tote | Golden Goose Ball Star

At any given time, I have about 4 pairs of jeans I’m wearing every single day! Right now it’s the Mother Insider, the black Mother Dazzler, the Paige Claudine and Frame mini-boot. I guess I should include the Mother Weekender, which I’ve been wearing when I want a little heel. All best-selling fits that almost everyone loves!


#8 Go-to jewelry


Tommy Bahama crewneck and matching shorts | Special Foundrae necklace | Gigi Clozeau necklace | Gorjana Diamond Pave necklace

It’s a small luxury in life to have a few pieces of jewelry that you wear every day. They don’t need to be expensive, you just need to love them. Starting with necklaces you can layer gives a nice finishing touch to your outfits. I always suggest layering at least two or three necklaces together — it feels more modern!


#9 Never be without a great crossbody bag


Left: J.Crew Icon Trench | ATM tee | Jeans | Gucci bucket bag | Middle: Steve Madden dress | Schutz sandals | Tory Burch bucket bag | Right: Rails blouse | Mother Weekender | Stuart Weitzman boots | YSL Toy Loulou Puffer

I tell my friends and clients that a handbag always completes your outfit. And, if you have two or three you can rotate, even better! When I was working at Nordstrom, I was always extra busy, and switching my bag out wasn’t a priority. Now that I have a little more time, I always switch, and it’s really an outfit game changer!



#10 Makeup

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

I know this isn’t clothing, but putting makeup on everyday just makes me feel complete — I’m actually never without a little something on my face 😊 I know many people don’t do this, and that’s ok too. But if you’re a beauty junkie like me, I’ll share the top 10 products I use every single day. Who knows maybe you’ll see something you haven’t tried before!



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