11 January 2022

15 beauty products I fell in love with this past year!

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15 beauty products I fell in love with this past year!

Like many of you, I LOVE to try new beauty products, and even consider myself to be a bit of a beauty junkie! I’m in no way implying that I know how to apply makeup, or that I’m familiar with every last beauty product out there … but I’ve certainly tried my fair share over the years. And, since I’ve been doing my makeup with the Nordstrom Beauty Department since high school, I must admit I kind of know a thing or two when it comes to the products many of us love. So, today’s post is about 15 beauty products I fell in love with this past year.

The beauty products featured below are all available at Nordstrom. There are some, like the Kiehl’s body lotion my friend has been going on and on about, that I didn’t try right away but when I finally did … WOW was she right! And, you might agree, these are the best kind of recommendations — ones made by close friends and colleagues you trust 😊 You likely have already tried some of these, but I hope there are a few you discover, like I did, because these are the simple luxuries in life that can bring us a little joy — sometimes right when we need it.


But first … my everyday makeup routine!

Easy, quick and pretty

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I’ve been using Giorgio Armani foundation for years (color 5.5). Yes, I’ve tried others, but none are as good as this imo. I always use a primer first, and I’m currently using this one.

These two brushes are my everyday go to — one for blush and the other for foundation and concealer

When I feel like doing a little extra, this Chanel quad is a favorite. I add the bottom left color to the corner of my eye, and the top left on the middle of my lid. I always tightline using this liner called Blackout — the best!

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder is like an Instagram filter for your face (!!) and this blush called First Love is a pretty, soft peachy color

Love, love love these Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks. Dusty Mauve is beautiful for a darker eye, and the other two colors are soft and pretty. So so easy for a quick eye!

Bobbi Brown blush is perfect for adding a little extra color on your cheeks

My newest lip combo — LOVE! Penelope Pink lipstick, Iconic Nude liner and Ibiza Nights gloss

These days I hardly leave the house without using this eyebrow pencil — it makes the biggest difference, and full eyebrows are youthful looking!

Love this concealer and it’s one of the few I’ve found that’s light, yet provides a little coverage and it doesn’t settle in my wrinkles 😉

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Beauty favorites!
Baccarat Rouge 540
I'm always looking for a new fragrance, so last year, when I heard this new one was flying off the shelves, I had to try it. Since it was expensive, I decided to start with the body oil -- and immediately fell in love. I get compliments every time I wear it! It's a lovely floral and woody fragrance -- highly recommend.
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Charlotte Tilbury everything!
Lately Charlotte Tilbury TikTok videos have been going viral! I can see why, since there are so many cult-favorite products, including Magic Cream (which gives a glowy, dewy look) and the Pillowtalk line (which promises full, pouty lips). The blush, Magic-Away concealer, eyeshadow quads and every lipgloss I've tried are ALL favorites!
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Cire Trudon "Positano" candle
Cire Trudon is new to Nordstrom, and I couldn't be happier! This luxurious candle line, handcrafted in Paris, has beautiful scents including the one above called "Positano." Since I've been dreaming about the Amalfi coast since visiting pre-pandemic, I figured this would help me remember it! The jars are really pretty -- they make perfect containers for flowers or makeup brushes when the candles have burned down.
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Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick
This past year I made the switch from Laura Mercier eyeshadow sticks to those by Bobbi Brown. I just wanted to try something new, and now I have several colors including dusty mauve, sand dune, golden pink and truffle. They're really easy to apply and the dusty mauve color is perfect for a darker, going-out eye.
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Gucci Bronzer
I've had my eye on the Gucci beauty line for awhile, and after visiting the Nordstrom New York location, I was blown away by the beautiful Gucci counter! The packaging is gorgeous, and this bronzer is really beautiful with a slight sheen housed in a super cool compact.
Kiehl's Creme de Corps
Recently my photographer asked me which cream I was using on my legs. Kind of a funny question, unless you're editing a photo and zoom in (hah)! It actually happened to be a day where I decided to slather on Kiehl's Creme de Corps Body lotion since I was wearing a dress after months of my legs not seeing any sun. The result: a slight shimmery glow. I never understood why people talked so highly about this lotion until I tried it, and now I can't imagine not using it!
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Dyson hair dryer
I waited for years to finally splurge on this hair dryer, and I honestly don't know why I waited so long. Well, actually I do -- it's not inexpensive! But now it's life changing. I love the smooth softness of my hair after a blow out, and I actually look forward to styling my hair every morning!
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Rikki mirror
These days I can't even apply makeup unless I have the right light and a magnifying option so I can actually see myself. This mirror has both! I even feel a little prettier when I use it -- not sure what that's about!
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Elemis Pro-Collagen SPF 30
I've been using this regularly every morning, and the fact that it already has an SPF 30 AND that it's so moisturizing makes it a true winner! It also smells beautiful, and foundation works perfectly over it.
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Tan Luxe "The Face"
Recently my friend's daughter, who is in the know, said to try Tan-Luxe as a self tanner option -- so I did! She was right -- the drops are really easy to apply and I already noticed a slight difference on day 1. Perfect for winter months.
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Olaplex shampoo
Yep, I got on the Olaplex bandwagon too! I tried a sampler package this past July, and loved it enough to buy a proper sized bottle. It will last forever since a little goes a really long way. Leaves your hair looking and feeling absolutely amazing!
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Rose Gold facial brightening face mask
When my daughter spotted this mask in my bathroom, she reminded me how much she loves it. It's hydrating, and I used one just this evening. Although, blog writing and face masking at the same time is a little tricky!
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Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant
This is the most long-lasting, pleasant smelling, easy-to-apply deodorant out there, without a doubt. Perfect for long events, or just long days. Smells great.
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Necessaire body wash
This delicious body wash lathers up nicely and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. Has a nice scent as well. Put a bottle in every shower!
Tom Ford all over body spray
I discovered this beautiful fragrance early last year, and I started out with the body spray. Although it's a rose scent, it's not heavy on the rose. It's a little bit sexy, and it's another fragrance I get compliments on every time I wear it. I love it so much, I added the perfume to my collection as well!
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