11 November 2021

Feel overwhelmed in the beauty department? Read this!

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Feel overwhelmed in the beauty department? Read this!

Do you feel overwhelmed in the beauty department? Or shopping for beauty products online? I know I do! There are SO MANY products out there, it’s practically impossible to know how to choose the best ones. Well, as I’ve said here before, I’m no beauty artist, and couldn’t even begin to apply makeup on anyone else. Nor can I tell you the notes in perfume, or which ingredients are in which products! But, what I can tell you is the beauty products that work for everyday makeup, the best-selling skincare products for a daily or nightly routine, and the fragrances that are flying off shelves.

Don’t miss the Q&A below!

In today’s post, I’m featuring beauty favorites I love and use all the time — hopefully this will help you feel less overwhelmed. I’ve included recs from my daughter Emily, since she’s just like her mama and loves beauty products too! You’ll also get some beauty inspo and a couple of new style boards. And, just this morning, I posted on Instagram stories to ask me anything about beauty, so scroll to the very bottom to get the lowdown. Finally, don’t forget: beauty products make great gifts!

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Beauty inspo

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Everyday face prep/Daytime skincare routine

Every single day, I pretty much follow this routine: either apply Elemis Marine Cream SPF 30 OR this face primer, foundation, eye primer and under-eye concealer. Sometimes I use a bronzer like this one with SPF 50, or this incredible new one by Gucci. Once these are on, then I start the makeup — see below. By the way, love this dual-sided brush to apply concealer and foundation — it’s really good.



Everyday eyes

I used to only use Laura Mercier eyeshadow stick in Rosegold, but last year my friend at the Bobbi Brown counter convinced me to branch out and try some different brands. I love the one-and-done idea of an eyeshadow stick, and now the colors I alternate are Dusty Mauve, Golden Pink and Truffle. I always tightline with this waterproof liner by Bobbi Brown, and use Brow Whiz by Anastasia. This eyeshadow stick in Smokey Quartz softly outlines the eye and is a pretty color, I”ve used it for several years.The Le Volume Chanel continues to be my go-to mascara, and for a little extra glamour, I LOVE the Stila sparkle eyeshadows, applied lightly with this brush.



Everyday blush

Chanel blush is a little splurgy I know, but it smells good and the colors ares so pretty! And you only have to put it on once a day 🙂 I am currently switching between Chanel Rose Initial and Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk blush that comes with a highlighter in the middle. So good, and I love this brush for application.



Everyday lip combos

One of the questions I get most often is which lipstick I wear in my Reels Videos. Most days, it’s Charlotte Tilbury Kidman’s Kiss with this Chanel lipgloss layered on top. You can’t go wrong with any of the soft pretty shades! Another lip combo I love is MAC Crème Cup (a medium pink with a pearly finish) with this liner … so pretty.



Nighttime skincare routine

Nighttime is my downtime, so I try to enjoy this routine by playing some nice music and lighting a yummy candle — this Paris one is a favorite for this little ritual 🙂 First I cleanse with either Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm or Elemis Cleansing Balm (they’re basically the same). It’s like a mini-spa at home, and your skin feels AMAZING when you wash it off! Literally — your cheeks feel like silk.

I recently read that combining a Vitamin C serum with prescription retinol works magic! While I’ve used SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum on and off, I just started using it consistently and am noticing a huge difference. (There’s a reason this one wins awards.) So, three times a week I use the vitamin C serum/retinol combo, and the other nights just serum.

After the serum (or serum-retinol combo), I apply this go-to eye cream by Perricone, either this nighttime moisturizer or this one, and a swipe of Burt’s Bees on my lips. If your lips need a little extra love, try the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask — they will feel (and look) plump and beautiful in the morning!



Fragrance loves

I have a love affair with fragrance, and am always looking for the next favorite! Currently, I’m alternating between the following: Le Labo Santal 33, Rouge Baccarat 540 (which is flying off the shelves, I’m not kidding), Creed Royal Princess Oud, Tom Ford Rose Prick and Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede. It’s a lot I know!  Speaking of fragrance, it would be a mistake not to include candles! Find one you love and treat yourself.




Susie’s style board

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Love the GloPro microneedling decvice, and when I use it regularly, it works magic!

I’ve been wanting a Dyson hair dryer for years, hoping someone in my family sees this 🙂

The Stila sparkle eyeshadow is so pretty, I use it from time to time

Elemis Pro-Marine cream is so silky and smooth, and it has an SPF 30 — I highly recommend this one!


Em’s style board

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I originally found this Giorgio Armani foundation by swiping it from my mom’s beauty drawer, and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with the finish of the foundation and how light it feels on my skin!

I’ve talked about this compact powder by Charlotte Tilbury before, and it will always be a staple in my makeup routine. The makeup artist who introduced my mom and I to this product said “it’s like Instagram for your face” … and it’s true! It mattifies the shiny areas on your face and leaves your skin looking really smooth.

This Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is like gold! It’s the perfect primer to apply before you start your makeup routine. It hydrates your skin and creates a smooth canvas for makeup. There is even a version that has hyaluronic acid in it here!

Lastly, you should have a Beauty Blender in your makeup collection. I use this every day to blend my makeup products and get rid of lines or creases. Seriously a saving grace!



Your Insta questions — answered!

Curious: what color are your eyes and what eye makeup you wear? My eyes are hazel, and I wear Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick and Chanel Le Volume Mascara every day (see above section Everyday Eyes).

What is the exact name of your Chanel lip gloss? None of the colors on your LTK seem to match. I’m so sorry … I have three of them and alternate between them. The exact colors are: 728, 744 and 166 – available here. 

Any undereye care recommendations to reduce or eliminate wrinkles and dark circles? I have this problem myself, so I’ve done a lot of research on this subject. What I have found to work well is the Perricone Cold+ Plasma Eye Cream, and I also like this one by Kiehl’s. To tell you the truth, this undereye concealer is what saves the day: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away. I use Color 3 but you should go into the store and see which shade is best for you. It works miracles, I promise.

Favorite foundation? I’ve been using this for years and don’t plan on switching anytime soon: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Love it, you will too!

Gucci lipsticks: what do they feel like? Do they stay on? Just bought my first one while in NYC, and though it’s too soon to tell, they feel nice going on . Also, I really just love the packaging – hah! Pro tip: if you put a tiny bit of face powder on your lips before applying lipstick, it will stay on longer!

And more great questions …

Do you curl your eyelashes? Usually I’m too lazy, but if it’s a special night out I try to remember to do it! Friends swear by this heated eyelash curler.

What moisturizer do you use? Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30. I’m obsessed with it. It’s anti-wrinkle and makes your skin look hydrated and firm. I wear it every day, rain or shine!

I’m 52 and interested in best foundation or tinted moisturizer for mature skin? Well, I’m older than you (!!) and have been through dozens of these, and my fave is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It goes on really smoothly and gives you nice, lightweight coverage. There are several kinds (oil-free, with or without SPF, different shades of course), and ALL are amazing. And the tube makes it easy for travel and for carrying one in your purse.

Favorite tried and true fragrance? My dear friend only spritzes on expensive perfume for special occasions. No! Put it on every day — it will make you happy and people will remember you for it 🙂 A favorite right now is Rose Prick, but Rouge Baccarat 540 is a close second. You only live once, so wear perfume every day!

Must-have creams for neck and chest? I haven’t used too many of these, but I’ve been trying this one and I like it so far.


Thank you for reading xx