26 September 2021

The 20 products I buy on repeat!

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The 20 products I buy on repeat

For many of us, beauty products are one of those things we all LOVE to try! I remember being on a girls trip with my two sisters-in-law and some nieces. Inevitably, the conversation turned to different beauty items we all love and use frequently. Next thing we knew, we were all congregated in the bathroom, sharing masks, slathering on creams and trying each other’s favorite products!

Let’s be clear, I’m no makeup artist — but I have done my own makeup every day since high school. And, I’ve sampled hundreds of beauty products since I’ve basically spent my whole life working at Nordstrom! (It also helps to have trusted friends in the beauty department.) So today’s post is about the 20 products I buy on repeat – everything from Vitamin C serum to special candles to the best foundation ever. And because they’re so good, I decided to share them with all of you!

The serum we’ve all been waiting for — affordable and highly rated, read my review here!

20 products I buy on repeat!
This limited-edition Paris candle smells SO good! I just love it, so I decided to buy a couple more knowing they will sell out. When the candle is gone, use the pretty jar for something pretty, like flowers, q-tips or makeup brushes.
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Cleansing Balm
It’s like a mini-spa in a jar. This Radiant Cleansing Balm smells delicious, and it feels really good when you put it on your face (and even on your eyes!). Let it sit for a few minutes, then gently towel it off with the (enclosed) muslin cloth. This last step MAKES IT – you feel like you’ve deep cleansed and exfoliated and buffed, all in one step!
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There are many Vitamin C serums, and I've tried dozens, but I always come back to this bestseller. Pro tip: when it's combined with prescription Retinol, it gives you even better results.
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Jo Malone Body Scrub
Jo Malone's body scrub smells amazing and belongs in your shower. It's a total favorite, and I'm stocking up for Christmas because it makes a really lovely gift!
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Le Labo Santal 33
Santal 33 is one of my all-time favorite fragrances, and the number of bottles and candles I've gone through is a little silly. But, it's worth sharing because it's a scent everyone loves.
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I had to give this talked-about shampoo and conditioner a try ... after all EVERYONE is talking about it. Yep, everyone in the family used it to the last drop ... and now it's on repeat!
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Charlotte Tilbury lipstick
Kidman's Kiss is the prettiest shade of a coral-pink, you'll love it as en everyday color. I make sure to have extras in my travel bag, handbag, and makeup drawer. This is a great color for so many women, give it a try.
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Chanel lipgloss
There are many many lipglosses out there, but for whatever reason, THESE are the ones I buy on repeat. I love numbers 722, 126, and 744. All work over different shades of lipstick.
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Rouge Baccarat 540
This fragrance is flying off the shelves! I started with the body oil to test it out -- and LOVED it! It's a gorgeous fragrance, and I highly recommend the perfume, candle, hair mist, oil ... all of it! It's so good, and it makes the perfect gift.
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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
This highly-rated foundation is the best. I've tried branching out, but always go back to this one. It's a nice medium coverage, looks natural and you can apply it lighter or heavier, depending on where you're going. I recommend using a primer before applying.
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Flawless Finish Powder
A face powder that's like Instagram for your face! Just a light sweep gives you a flawless finish. I don't use it everyday -- only for an evening out or any time you want to look a little bit extra :)
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Creme de Corps body lotion
I've never been a big body lotion person, but recently I started using this one by Kiehl's -- and wow is it good. Now I have it in my travel bag and bathroom counter, and I have a back-up supply! It leaves your skin glistening, and the scent is barely there making it perfect as a daily fragrance.
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Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
This everyday moisturizing cream is dreamy! Not only does it have an SPF 30, it has a faint smell that is really nice. I highly recommend this product. I noticed today it's on sale at Nordstrom -- which is rare. Grab it while you can!
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Diptyque Baies candle
These candles are scattered throughout my house and while I love this scent, I also love Feu de Bois, Roses and Figuier. You really can't go wrong with any of them. But the best part is once the candle is gone, you can use the pretty jars for makeup applicators or fresh flowers. They add an extra pretty touch to your bathroom.
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SLIP hair ties
These are the best hair ties ever! They don't get tangled in your hair, they're elegant, and the colors work with anything you wear. I buy these for gifts, and I carry one everywhere. More elevated than an elastic hair band, they're perfect for going out.
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SLIP pillowcase
They say a silk pillowcase is anti-aging. While I haven't researched that claim yet, sleeping on a silky pillowcase just feels luxurious! This is another item I've purchased for gifts, they're such a treat!
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Rose hand soap
This hand soap smells so so good! I've tried several of the scents, and love them all. The jars are pretty, and you can purchase refills. Place these pretty bottles in every single bathroom -- another simple touch that makes a difference!
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Bobbi Brown Cream eyeshadow sticks
These are easy to apply, making them perfect for everyday eye makeup. Try the Truffle for everyday, and the Dusty Mauve for a glamorous eye look.
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Perricone Cold Plasma + Eye
I used every last bit of this eye cream, and promptly purchased another one! It's creamy and effective, and leaves you looking bright and refreshed.
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Chanel blush
There's a reason why this Chanel blush is a top seller! The colors are so pretty, it has a delicate scent that's really lovely. There are several colors including "In Love" and "Rose Initial" that are worth a try.
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