1 June 2021

These items get compliments every single time!

Denim jacket | Vince Slipdress | Sandals | Balenciaga bag | Monica Vinader necklace | Loren Stewart necklace | David Yurman bracelet

These items get compliments every single time!

Sometimes I get so excited to write a post that I can hardly wait to get home and start it! And this is one of those times. Now that I’m a full-time blogger, an important part of my job is “blog research.” I’ve been told by some (husband) “that’s just a good excuse t0 buy things.” Well, I guess you could look at it that way 😉 But in all reality, I do try out a lot of things, and when I really like something, I WEAR IT ALL THE TIME. Last week, I was thinking  about how much I love the Vince slipdress (above) and the new-LA splurge-Veronica Beard blazer, and I concluded they’re probably two of my most favorite recent purchases. I promise you, these items get compliments every single time!

So today, I thought I’d share a few of the items in my closet that I’m really glad I bought. These are things that if you were in a dressing room with me, I’d make sure you knew how good they are! Some of them are new and some I’ve had for awhile, but they’re all worth writing about. So here it goes, I hope you find a thing or two to try yourself!


All time favorite pieces!

I’m sure there are some I forgot

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 , similar| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 This slipdress (I’ve been going on and on about) might be one my favorite recent purchases. Sometimes being 5’1″ makes it a little tricky to pull things off, but this dress worked! (I did have it hemmed.) It’s cut on the bias, which makes it shaped yet forgiving, and the silk is kind of weighty so it doesn’t show everything. The styling options are endless. This is a great dress, and it gets lots of compliments!

My denim jacket collection is on constant rotation. Favorites that I wear equally are this Madewell one (size up), this Fidelity one and this faded style by Levi’s. All SO good!

Anine Bing tees are just plain cool! I have this one, this one and this one and love them all

Mother denim … oh how I love thee! Especially this wash “I Confess” from the Superior Denim collection. This particular wash, unlike others, doesn’t have a lot of stretch, but they do stretch out a little — so size down.

These Levi’s 724 black jeans are favorites, and I wear them several times/week. I also had my son cut them to the right length so now they fit perfectly

Frame is a favorite brand, and this shirt is in the LOVE category!

I splurged on this new Veronica Beard blazer and it was worth the $$. It looks amazing over dresses, perfect with denim, and paired with pants for a don’t-mess-with-me business look!

ATM – no words except it’s seriously the best tee around

This $54 utility jacket is a winner — another item I wear several times per week! It’s not going to last so don’t wait on this one

Zella cozy cardigan – meant for lounging or as another layer with workout clothes. I think I’ve worn mine everyday since purchasing last month!

J.Crew Juliette cardigan – another AMAZING piece! Works most months of the year. It’s sophisticated, and this camel color is the perfect shade


Accessory loves

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

I can’t imagine getting dressed without these Gucci sunglasses (!!) They fit my small face perfectly, and having glamorous sunnies is a small pleasure in life 🙂

I splurged on this Balenciaga canvas bag several months ago, and have found it to be so useful! It’s cool and elevates every outfit. Speaking of bags, this cute little Gucci one holds everything we need — readers, sunglasses, iPhone and credit cards. It’s a good one too!

Last year, my Nordstrom friend Rose convinced me to buy these bracelets, and I literally wear them all the time. I’m glad she recommended them!

Brinker & Eliza is a mother/daughter duo, and all their jewelry is special. This heart bracelet makes a statement, and when I wear mine I always get compliments

This Michele watch is like a piece of jewelry, and looks great layered with gold or silver bracelets. I’ve had this one for over ten years and it’s still going strong

I’ve been looking for a link necklace that wasn’t too expensive, and was having a hard time finding one because gold can be too yellow and look cheap — but not this one! It layers perfectly with this other favorite Poppy Finch and this Bony Levy that I wear every single day

Neutral shoes are such a good investment because they go with everything. These sandals by Schutz are THE BEST — and I’ll go as far as to say you’re missing out if you don’t have them! These tie-up ones are newer and work with everything from denim to pretty dresses

A hat is a must-have in my book, and this packable one is super versatile. It has been on a lot of trips, and still holds its shape! Talk about hiding a bad hair day — it sure comes in handy 😉

This not-fancy belt bag from Lululemon is so good, I suggest everyone get one! It’s great for neighborhood walks, and of course, for travel.

Lastly, these Dior slides were another splurge but I can honestly say they are worth every penny. They go with everything, and are comfy and timeless. I think this pattern is sold out, but check out the selection here.


Special home favorites

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 This mirror is the star of my Instagram office! Turns out everyone on Instagram loves it too

Having matching hangers has been life changing — no joke

This little $20 appliance has been a game changer. Everyone in the fam uses it, and the eggs come out perfect every single time!

I love this candle so much — I’ve gone through several and will continue to enjoy them in my home

Grey Malin is a favorite photographer, and this Italy book will make you want to visit (or revisit) the Amalfi coast

This rose hand soap has been in my powder room for over 10 years. I have the pretty jars by every sink, and buy the refill bottle to replenish. Love!

OPI Funny Bunny is the color I wear almost every day

This gold martini table looks good everywhere I place it. I am always moving it around — maybe I need another?

Lately these two fragrances have been my go-to’s, and every time I spray on the Rose Prick or Rouge Baccarat, I get compliments!

Dash & Albert make the best indoor/outdoor rugs, and I have these everywhere. When they get dirty, I just throw them in the wash, and they come out looking perfect every time!


Thank you for reading! xx