20 September 2020

5 beauty favorites you need to try now!

self care for fall

Colleen Rothschild Body wash | CBD Face oil | Radiance serum | Honeydew pj’s | Baies candle | Slippers


5 beauty favorites you need to try now!

You never know what’s going to happen on a Zoom call. I had a 10-minute meeting set up with Colleen Rothschild, but I thought it would be with her people. Much to my surprise, it was Colleen herself on the other end, and she was absolutely lovely! Down to earth, engaging and kind, she was passionate about her products and it instantly made me want to try them. You know, when you meet the person behind the brand, it takes on a whole other meaning and makes you appreciate that brand so much more!

As we head into a new season, I find myself thinking about what kind of self care for fall I’m going to do and which things you might enjoy as you develop your new nightly routine. I just bought a new super soft robe and pjs, and have been so pleased with some of Colleen’s skincare products that I definitely have to share them with you!

Pro Tip: It’s Colleen’s Birthday Sale, and everything sitewide is 25% off!! Use CODE: BDAY25 (September 23-27)! 


self care for fallself care for fall 

Robe | Colleen Rothschild body lotion | Radiant Cleansing Balm


#1 – Radiant Cleansing Balm

It’s like a mini-spa in a jar. This Radiant Cleansing Balm smells delicious, and it feels really good when you put it on your face (even on your eyes!). Let it sit for a few minutes, and gently towel it off with the (enclosed) muslin cloth. This last step MAKES IT – you feel like you’ve deep cleansed and exfoliated and buffed, all in one step. This cloth is so popular that it’s sold separately.



#2 Quench & Shine Restorative mask

My entire family has used this hair mask already, and they claim their hair feels like never before: super soft, smooth, shiny. I will never not use this when I wash my hair. It’s amazing and smells so good!



#3 Intense Hydrating Mask

I tried this hydrating mask one night with my hair in a hair towel doing “blog research” 😉 I tissued it off, went downstairs for a glass of wine and my son told me I was “glowing.” It’s a winner.



#4 CBD Face Oil and Gua Sha Tool

On another night, also in a hair towel, I applied the CBD Face Oil with a Gua Sha tool and instantly felt relaxed! I was stressed from a very busy day, and this was the perfect de-stress treatment to give myself. Highly recommend if you want soothed, nourished skin, particularly if it’s dry.



#5 Retinol Supreme Eye Serum

self care for fall

I’m always looking for new eye serums to share, and this eye serum checks all the boxes. It contains the gold standard ingredient: retinol, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and in the morning I look rested and bright. Done deal.



self care for fall

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