7 September 2020

If you were given $1000, what would you buy?

Club Monaco blazer | Frame cami | Mother denim | Shopbop handbag | Sunglasses

If you were given $1000, what would you buy?

First of all, can you imagine? I have to admit, when thinking about writing this post, even I was having a hard time deciding how to spend a $1000 windfall! However, after years in the dressing room, I’ve learned that we all want to spend our fall clothing money wisely. We all like to make good, solid buying decisions, and invest in pieces we’ll wear over and over again. So, with a new season emerging, it’s fun to dream about how we would spend this kind of money … and I have a few ideas to share!

Fall is just around the corner, and there are 3 categories that really make a difference in our wardrobes. The first is coats and jackets, maybe because my first job was a Nordstrom coat buyer? I’m not sure, but I do know they complete every single outfit, and one can never have too many 🙂 Second is great shoes. Finding a comfy, stylish everyday shoe will get you SO much wear, and will keep every outfit elevated. Lastly, a stylish handbag is truly the piece that adds the finishing touch to every outfit, and it’s well worth the money. Keep reading for ideas on tips for spending your fall clothing money, and for a new style board I made for you!

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Style board inspo – $1051

tips for spending your fall clothing money

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Many of us want to get the very most for our money. Ideally, if you decide to buy a “chunk at a time” as I explain in the dressing room, then you will have outfit combos for days — if the pieces have been carefully chosen. In this style board, the J.Crew cardi and sweater blazer are very versatile and will make dozens of outfits. Currently both are on sale for $96. Also, a black, everyday bootie will get constant wear, as will a pretty wool scarf like this one. I recently picked up the handbag shown in the style board, and I’m wearing it in the above photo. This cute little purse goes with everything!


Outfit combo #1 – $999.40

Splurge on a Gucci shoe, and save on this super cute plaid coat!



Outfit combo #2 – $985

A trench is a key piece this season, and by saving on this one, you can pick up the YSL wristlet and still stay within budget!


Outfit combo #3 – $958.00

A cool leather jacket works over everything — from dresses to joggers to your favorite denim!


Outfit combo #4 – $998

This gorgeous coat is being price matched – and the bootie is my personal favorite!


Outfit combo #5 – $1000

How pretty is this blue puffer It’s also surprisingly versatile.


Outfit combo #6 – $942

This cute purple plaid jacket stopped me in my tracks!  It can be worn with many things in our closets.


Outfit combo #7 – $864

A vest is a closet staple, and is the perfect transition piece between seasons. Add a fun bag and you’ll be super stylish!


Outfit combo #8 – $1035

Oops, I went a little over budget, but couldn’t resist this gorgeous handbag in pretty much the perfect color!


Thank you for reading! xo






tips for spending your fall clothing money