14 November 2018

this jacket will make you look instantly cool

BLANKNYC leather trench, Gucci bag, Franco Sarto bootie, Gucci sunnies, Ag jean



A leather jacket is always in style, and this wardrobe staple is one of the most versatile, polished and effortlessly cool pieces to own.  Not only does it layer over almost everything in your closet, but it can be worn year round to most any occasion.

These days, faux leather jackets will fool most anyone, including my stylish co-workers and even my discerning husband.  The other day this delicious leather trench showed up on my doorstep, and after trying it on I left it draped over a chair.  My husband walked in, immediately picked it up and said to me (somewhat accusingly) “mmm hmmm, how much did THIS cost us?” When I replied “$159.00” we both laughed at how faux leather and real leather are pretty much interchangeable these days.  I proceeded to wear it to work the next day, and literally EVERYONE told me they loved it and asked if it was a “splurge” piece. They were all so surprised when I revealed it was faux leather and immediately lined up to order it!

This season there are so many other styles besides the beloved moto leather jackets (I still love them but had to replace mine because it was so worn —this one is arriving in a couple of days)!  There are blazers, trench coats like mine above, and of course the classic biker jacket.


Here are my favorite leather jackets right now.  And here are some pretty amazing faux leather options.  Wear these all season long!


Faux leather options


favorite black leather jackets


favorite leather jackets in great colors


Above photos, Carrie Minns Photography

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