1 August 2018

Magic Brush

Bobbi Brown, $42


This magic brush is a game changer!  The other day, in an effort to hide my fatigued appearance, I hurried through the cosmetic department searching for an alternative to my favorite Giorgio Armani maestro eraser (which I learned has been discontinued – argh).  In the mean time, I decided to go back to Clé De Peau, which I had given up on because even using my finger couldn’t get the last of it out of the tube.  And wow am I in love again!  This brush allowed me to get right in there, hiding all my dark spots while also blending and, best of all, not settling into my 50 year old creases!  Clé De Peau is known as “the” concealer, the one in every makeup stylist’s bag, and the one you MUST try.  But it has to be accompanied by the magic brush because they work together perfectly.  Let me know what you think!

Foundation basics below:



Photo credit: Carrie Minns Photography