9 July 2023

Splurge or Save: I guarantee you can do both!

Splurge: Anine Bing utility jacket | Agolde tank | Mother white denim | Save: $59 utility jacket | Mother denim | ATM t-shirt

Splurge or save: I guarantee you can do both!

Designer “it” pieces and their less spendy sisters

Ok, here’s the deal: you can easily wear a simple outfit like a white tee, jeans and a jacket. But, if you add just one designer piece, like a great handbag or a glam pair of sunglasses, you’ll instantly bring your look up a notch or two! Next thing you know, your outfit is more stylish and polished … it’s now elevated. This is the art of high/low dressing, and many of the fashion girls who catch your eye on Instagram or Pinterest have this mastered. If you ever ask yourself whether to splurge or save: I guarantee you can do both!

Today’s post is all about beautiful designer “it” pieces … AND their less spendy sisters. These more affordable counterparts are no less stylish or high quality than the designer ones. In fact, there are many great options in all price ranges, which makes getting the look attainable for most everyone. After spending many years in the designer departments at Nordstrom, I learned that mixing it up within your wardrobe is the key to finding your own style. Incorporating both high and low pieces is something I do myself almost every day, and I highly recommend it to all of you. Keep reading to see all the hottest items right now — I know you’ll find something you love!

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#1 Beautiful Bottega handbags | Mansur Gavriel/Anthropologie

Image via Pinterest  Bottega Veneta mini pouch

Splurge: Bottega took the world by storm a few years ago, and every fashion girl was wearing a Bottega shoe or handbag. Their pouch had been on my radar for a while, and it’s still one of my favorite bags to date.  I decided to splurge and almost went for it, until I saw the Mansur Gavriel version for a third of the price! Now the Bottega “Jodi” bag is the latest coveted style, and I saw four walk into Craig’s LA on a recent visit.

Save: Loeffler Randall has an affordable version which I recently purchased. You’ll love the gold chain detail.  This cream woven style by Anthropologie is surprisingly good too.


Splurge: Bottega Veneta woven pouch | Bottega Veneta Jodi | Save: Loeffler Randall pouch | Anthropologie cream woven bag


#2 Balmain blazer | Veronica Beard (and other affordable versions)


JLo: Balmain | Me: Veronica Beard | ATM t-shirt | Loeffler Randall bag | Frame denim

Splurge: A Balmain blazer is the ultimate luxury piece to splurge on. So stylish and cool, but oh so spendy! I’d love to own one someday, but it’s a little out of my price range 😉 On a trip to LA a few years ago, I spotted this Balmain-inspired one and knew it had to come home with me. And I’ve never looked back 🙂

Save: The hidden zipper and all the dickey options make this Veronica Beard blazer a top save pick. Banana Republic has an affordable version here, and the brand Generation Love also has beautiful options. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

Splurge: Balmain blazer | Save: Veronica Beard blazer | Generation Love blazer | Banana Republic blazer


#3 Hermès Oran sandal | Sam Edelman sandal

Hermès Oran sandal

Splurge: These Hermès sandals have been the “it” sandals for a while now … literally everyone was wearing them in Cannes. Talk about the perfect shoe that goes with absolutely everything! I finally splurged on them because I know I’ll wear them all the time 😊 You can see a great selection here and here. I also really like the YSL Tribute sandals and often throw them on with whatever I’m wearing.

Save: This year, I updated the Sam Edelman version in the patent tan leather and love them (they’re on sale now). The other versions from Amazon and Steve Madden are solid, affordable options.


Splurge: YSL Tribute sandal | Hermès sandal | Save: Sam Edelman sandał | Steve Madden brown sandal


#4 Vince slip dress

Save: J.Crew cardigan | J.Crew slip dress | Splurge: Frank & Eileen shirt | Vince slip dress

Splurge: The Vince slip dress has, hands down, been one of the best slip dresses to date. I’ve written about it time and time again! It’s cut on the bias which makes it super flattering, and the slightly crinkled satin hides a lot of things 😉 It’s available in black and navy, and I know some people who own both!

Save: There are a lot of affordable slip dress versions available, but often the quality isn’t there. So, when I tried this J.Crew version earlier in the year, I was pleasantly surprised. Now I’m contemplating this new one below in pink. It’s well-priced and equally as flattering as the Vince one.

Splurge: Vince slip dress | Save: J.Crew slip dress


#5 Gucci Camera bag

Gucci camera bag

Splurge: the Gucci camera bag is an all-time favorite, and you’d be surprised how much fits into this smaller crossbody bag. You’ll find a great selection here. I wear mine constantly!

Save: All of the more affordable camera bags are super cute and will complete any outfit. If you haven’t bought one yet, grab one now. You’ll wear it every day, I promise.

Splurge: Gucci camera bag ivory | Gucci camera bag green | Save: Tory Burch tan bag | Tory Burch pink bag


#6 Clear strap sandals

Rails top | Frame denim | Schutz sandals

Splurge: Lately, I’ve been thinking about splurging on the Manolo sandal since it’s a classic sandal to own. The Larroude one is perfect for a lower heel, I wear them often. They’re both timeless, and they make your legs look extra long!

Save: Clear-strap sandals are an all time favorite because of their versatility. I’ve been wearing the Schutz version for the last two years … they go with everything!

Splurge: Manolo Blahnik sandal | Larroude sandal | Save: Schutz Arielle sandal | Schutz Victoire sandal


#7 Cute straw totes


Susie: Stripe t-shirt | Lululemon skirt | Chloe tote | On sneakers | Right: Jacquemus straw tote

Splurge: I love straw totes. They go with every summer outfit, hold everything you need, and are super stylish. I’ve been carrying this Loewe tote everywhere, including all over France. The Prada is a bit spendy, but is equally as good.

Save: This straw tote is affordable and cute. Find one you love and it will complete all your summer outfits, I guarantee it!

Splurge: Prada tote | Loewe tote | Save: Paris tote | Mango tote


#8 Foundrae: the coolest brand at the moment


Splurge: Talk about one of the coolest jewelry brands at the moment, Foundrae has become a well-known luxury brand. Like all heirlooms, each piece tells a story. I wandered into a well known local boutique here in Portland called Twist. What a nice surprise: the Foundrae collection was incredible! Now I’m eyeing this one 😉

Save: Luckily for all of us, I found this more affordable necklace.

Splurge: Foundrae protection necklace | Save: Melinda Maria Star Lariat



#9 Naghedi woven totes

Left: Naghedi tote | Right: Naghedi tote

Splurge: These Naghedi totes are SO good! They’re durable, perfect for travel since they can squish down, and they can be worn year around. I think they’re worth every penny.

Save: You gotta love Amazon, because when an item starts becoming popular, they find a way to make a more affordable option. While I prefer the Naghedi one, my girlfriend went for the Amazon version and is pretty happy with her purchase!


Splurge: Naghedi tote | Naghedi plaid tote | Save: Amazon tote | Amazon plaid tote


Thank you for reading xx