13 June 2023

June Drop: 6 Pieces You Need Now!

Three accessories: Striped t-shirt | Lululemon skirt | Baseball hat | Tote | Sneakers

Three summer accessories Nordstrom Stylists love!

… including the latest N6 drop pieces

Summer is a relatively short season (as I mentioned in this recent post). So, choosing pieces carefully now is better for you in the long run! Unless, of course, you happen to live in a warm climate — then ignore this 😂 Since accessories are the finishing touch to every outfit, finding several you love and will wear all the time is definitely worth every penny. And remember, some of them are truly timeless, so you’ll have them for years to come. Great accessories are a very good investment … trust me on this one!

Recently, my Nordstrom Stylist friends and I announced our June “N6 Drop” (a monthly drop of six of our favorite, best-selling items). We selected our favorite denim, a cozy sweatshirt, the best tote, and more. Today’s post is about making good, solid everyday outfits, and the three summer accessories that will help you put them together. They’re super simple, very wearable, and I’m sure you’ll love them 🙂 Keep reading to see what they are, and of course, how to style them!

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Must-have drop pieces for June

Zella dress | Vuori hoodie | MZ Wallace tote | Jelly sandals | Rag & Bone baseball hat | Frame straight leg denim


#1 Hoodies and sweatshirts

Thank goodness hoodies and sweatshirts are stylish! On a recent LA trip, my So Susie team wandered into the Anine Bing store. Next thing you know, everyone (except me) came out with either this hoodie or this crew style. The only reason I came home empty-handed was because my size wasn’t in stock. But, I finally found one (below), and just last week, this arrived on my doorstep! For an affordable option, these Nike ones are also good. So is this one at Abercrombie.

Left: Abercrombie sweatshirt | Frame denim | MZ Wallace tote | Sneaker | Baseball hat | Necklace | Right: Anine Bing sweatshirt | Frame denim | MZ Wallace tote | GG sneaker | Bracelets


#2 Totes: MZ Wallace and Naghedi are favorites

It’s hard to imagine getting dressed without a practical tote — they’re now a staple in everyone’s wardrobe! I often feature designer styles, like this Chloe one and this YSL one. But today, I’m sharing two favorites that are affordable, practical and super stylish. Both the Naghedi brand and MZ Wallace are personal favorites, and they’re perfect for travel or running errands.

Naghedi: The Naghedi tote is made of neoprene, which makes it quite durable. I also love the colors, like the fun orange one above. I prefer the St Barths Medium, and I’ll sheepishly admit, I own it in several colors. I just noticed that Nordstrom just started carrying the line as well.

MZ Wallace: this is is another best selling brand, and they have some great pieces, including this raffia tote and this bucket bag.


#3 Frame denim

Frame denim is a stylist favorite, and recently I shared this Reels video showing how to style them. For a great summer basic, the Frame Le High Straight is the perfect option. While it says “Le High,” it’s really more of a mid-rise. The nice slim leg makes it super flattering, which is why it’s a best seller!


Left: Rails jacket | Pink tank | Denim | Sandals | Bucket bag | Right: Citizens Kayla shirt | Frame shorts | Plaid tote | Sandals | Hat | Bracelet


#4 Jelly sandals

Every designer seems to be doing a jelly sandal — from this Gucci one to this Gucci-inspired one to Valentino — and you can find them at any price point. My Nordstrom 6 friends and I fell in love with this pair by Jeffrey Campbell, and the color is super fun!


#5 Tenniscore trend

This is one of my favorite trends! ICYMI, check out this post, which pretty much sums it all up. Every major brand has incorporated tenniscore pieces into their collections. The interesting part is that most people are wearing it but NOT playing a racquet sport. Yes, pickleball is trending, and it’s a great excuse to get a new tennis dress. But, it’s also ok to wear a dress while you’re out running errands! The day I was in Erewhon in LA (holding up the line at the counter waiting for a “Hailey Bieber smoothie” 😂), I spotted five tennis skirts — yep, FIVE. Try this Lululemon tennis skirt with either a t-shirt or a hoodie — you’ll be comfy and look stylish at the same time!

Left: Tory Burch tennis dress | MZ Wallace raffia bag | Bracelets – top and bottom | Gucci sandals | Baseball hat | Denim jacket | Right: Zella sweatshirt | Vuori top | Alo skirt | Visor | Sunscreen | Tote | Sam Edelman sandals


#6 Baseball hats

Ohh how I love baseball hats! Whether you’re on vacation, exercising, or just having a bad hair day, they’re chic and can elevate any denim/blazer outfit. I just added this Anine Bing one for my upcoming vacation. Also, this fun pink one by ALO just arrived on my doorstep (clearly I feel like you can never have too many). Of course, the Rag & Bone hats are another great option, and they are all perfect for summer!


The N6 drop

Zella dress | Vuori hoodie | MZ Wallace tote | Jelly sandals | Rag & Bone baseball hat | Frame straight leg denim


Thank you for reading! xx

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