10 August 2018

The all-important phone case


The phone case is the one item we all use every single day and in my book it should be stylish.  So why not search for the perfect phone case, the often over-looked but important fashion accessory, and find a cool one.  Mine, which is visible in many of my photos, is from Willows of London and it’s personalized with my initials.  Of course there are so many options, so I’ve gathered my new favorites, see below.

P.S. The above photo was of a memorable lunch for many reasons; the first was that I was on vacation in LA with my dear friend Ter.  We ate the yummiest lunch among the beautiful interiors of Gracias Madre, and the spicy habanero margaritas were amazing!  The funniest twist was the celebrity sighting of Kendra (pictured in the background) who was sitting across from Snooki ….and we thought the papps were coming for us!!!




The all-important phone case

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